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Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler
April 2015
April 14, 2015
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kingdom hearts
Categories: kingdom hearts fans only 
59 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
Kingdom Hearts
Categories: Organization XIII 
60 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
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01.04.2015 00:01
Posted by Rika
This is....really sad...
01.04.2015 17:42
Posted by TheSolista7
yeah sure why not and I think it was qlready upgraded
01.04.2015 23:28
Posted by DailyRamen
Hey all, I am finalizing the next update which should streamline the site much better across Desktop, Tablet and Phones. I am hoping this will help stimulate more members to interact.
01.04.2015 23:29
Posted by DailyRamen
It's more like a streamlined refresh instead of a update/upgrade. Trying to make the site smoother.. I've been locally betaing the new design, so we should be good soon.
02.04.2015 18:56
Posted by xyzakh
yay responsive web design! maybe dailyramen should switch to using a MEAN stack :P
06.04.2015 01:43
Posted by Scheherazade
Updates sounds good
06.04.2015 02:23
Posted by DailyRamen
Going to introduce bootstrap soon and expand from there. It should be a nice upgrade that many had requested,
06.04.2015 02:55
Posted by Scheherazade
Sounds interesting.
06.04.2015 18:22
Posted by TheSolista7
nice sounds good to me and hopefully it will help get the site back on the map
06.04.2015 19:27
Posted by 1297820
wow cool
06.04.2015 22:36
Posted by Scheherazade
The only way to get the site back on the map is for the members to actually make it entertaining to catch the attention of new people. What do new people see when they come visit the site? They see the same few members posting blogs. Polls that are mainly to laugh at other animes and aren't really good polls. A member who doesn't know the definition of fanfiction and is technically a lost case. So all these new people just go and say ahh naw I'll pass and they leave. For this site to become alive and popular, the current members need to get active for starters.
08.04.2015 01:19
Posted by TheSolista7
I know.... also we tried to get thibgs back to life doing the contests but that was a big fail aswell because people just didnt care or had no time and frankly that was kind of dissapointing and saddening.....
08.04.2015 21:24
Posted by Scud
well, if anything comes up you know where to find me
08.04.2015 23:29
Posted by Scheherazade
If something comes up Scud I'll be too lazy to go and find you.
09.04.2015 10:54
Posted by Scud
oh well
09.04.2015 16:56
Posted by Scheherazade
Probably because I don't remember who you are that could also be it hahahaha
09.04.2015 17:42
Posted by Scud
i won't blame you for that X) but you can always post in the dead villager fb group
10.04.2015 01:18
Posted by Scheherazade
I haven't been in that group in so long that I don't even remember the last time I did
18.04.2015 16:54
Posted by TheSolista7
I know who he is so no worries haha I will notift you XD

In case anyone was wondering why chapter 624 of Bleach hasn't been released yet which should be by now, apparently Tite Kubo is ill or something so there won’t be a chapter this week. So 624 will be released next week on the 23rd And just to give a heads u
Scheherazade · 3 days ago

For the love of Freckle Jesus, this blog series is practically the only one on here. I spit at Itachi_Uchiwa lame ass fanfics that are really blogs but whatever. She's a mental lost case. Top 10 Animes of 2015 In case you guys are bored here are the top 1
Scheherazade · 13 days ago

Welcome back to this blog series that died out ages ago!!! I've noticed that some people on this website join because they are talented. I've also noticed that there are new profiles created every day but they only exist just to exist and nothing more. Her
1297820 · 27 days ago
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