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Candorville by Darrin Bell
April 2015
April 1, 2015
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kingdom hearts
Categories: kingdom hearts fans only 
42 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
Kingdom Hearts
Categories: Organization XIII 
43 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
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17.03.2015 20:41
Posted by xyzakh
apparently not
18.03.2015 22:12
Posted by TheSolista7
????? what are you trying to do? haha
19.03.2015 00:30
Posted by 1297820
19.03.2015 00:30
Posted by 1297820
19.03.2015 18:20
Posted by TheSolista7
19.03.2015 21:08
Posted by Sakuori
19.03.2015 21:17
Posted by xyzakh
yep... i'm a hacker.. a bored hacker... and a bad hacker
19.03.2015 21:18
Posted by xyzakh
this place is so dead :\
19.03.2015 21:18
Posted by xyzakh
*attempts to edo tensei the old likenaruto villages*
20.03.2015 03:19
Posted by 1297820
if this website had like 15-20 people active then this site could run well
20.03.2015 03:19
Posted by 1297820
but what are you waiting for, go out and tell your friends about this get them here
20.03.2015 19:07
Posted by Sasukegirl
20.03.2015 20:59
Posted by xyzakh
lol, i don't have that many friends
21.03.2015 14:37
Posted by 1297820
21.03.2015 14:37
Posted by 1297820
Hey Sasukegirl
21.03.2015 22:05
Posted by LightYagami
hello everybody ^^
21.03.2015 23:43
Posted by 1297820
22.03.2015 12:52
Posted by AyumiShor
22.03.2015 22:37
Posted by 1297820
woaah I looked at your drawings
22.03.2015 22:37
Posted by 1297820
they look cool
24.03.2015 16:07
Posted by LightYagami
i miss Likenaruto Forum . this forum more active than daily :(
25.03.2015 01:00
Posted by 1297820
I think we just need to tell more people about this website.
29.03.2015 17:56
Posted by TheSolista7
yeah maybe but I am weary of doing it I used to do it all the time but never had much luck
29.03.2015 17:58
Posted by TheSolista7
its sad this place is so dwad as it is
29.03.2015 18:00
Posted by TheSolista7
I mean we tried to make it popular again by bringing vack the contests but people were just not interested and wevwere working for nothing......
29.03.2015 21:40
Posted by 1297820
I was thinking about maybe waiting for the website to upgrade first before promoting it to people, but should I start now?
01.04.2015 00:01
Posted by Rika
This is....really sad...
01.04.2015 17:42
Posted by TheSolista7
yeah sure why not and I think it was qlready upgraded
01.04.2015 23:28
Posted by DailyRamen
Hey all, I am finalizing the next update which should streamline the site much better across Desktop, Tablet and Phones. I am hoping this will help stimulate more members to interact.
01.04.2015 23:29
Posted by DailyRamen
It's more like a streamlined refresh instead of a update/upgrade. Trying to make the site smoother.. I've been locally betaing the new design, so we should be good soon.

Welcome back to this blog series that died out ages ago!!! I've noticed that some people on this website join because they are talented. I've also noticed that there are new profiles created every day but they only exist just to exist and nothing more. Her
1297820 · 10 days ago

So I have started to watch this anime called Aquarion Evol. The characters and plot line are amazing! I honestly can't get enough of it. But, what is it truly based on? Sex? Or actual love between male and female? I think that it was very nicely done how t
ScarletteSakura123 · 60 days ago

Daily Ramen 2k15 With the holidays that past and everything being so hectic on my end I wasn't around for a while and I see we've gotten some new members while I was gone. Instead of going one by one, I will save myself the time and Welcome and enjoy yours
Scheherazade · 70 days ago
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