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PreTeena by Allison Barrows
July 2014
July 25, 2014
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Around eight years have passed since yagura made his vows. has he kept them? And what will become of Mei in this new regime?
Categories: stuff 
25 days ago · From xyzakh
List of all my fanfics up to date. All direct links to each one on my fanfiction.net account.
Categories: Fanfics 
25 days ago · From Scheherazade
Categories: anime 
25 days ago · From TheSolista7
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08.07.2014 01:37
Posted by 1297820
oh hai
08.07.2014 21:14
Posted by 1297820
Most of you smell like cheese and crusty fart.
08.07.2014 21:14
Posted by 1297820
Oooooh I'm just kidding :)))))))
08.07.2014 21:15
Posted by 1297820
there is nobody here.......I guess i'm just talking to myserf.
08.07.2014 21:21
Posted by 1297820
Does that mean I smell like cheese and crust fart o.O
08.07.2014 21:56
Posted by Scheherazade
Yes that's what it means.
08.07.2014 21:56
Posted by Scheherazade
Sorry 1297820 it is a rarity but I was not here today
11.07.2014 01:31
Posted by Scud
looks like it's the same
11.07.2014 01:32
Posted by Scud
what a shame
11.07.2014 04:01
Posted by 1297820
So are we just chatting late, and rhyming words?
11.07.2014 04:02
Posted by 1297820
Checking here and there, like little birds?
11.07.2014 13:23
Posted by Scheherazade
Here and there, even more when it is nice and sunny outside XD
11.07.2014 20:45
Posted by 1297820
"Ahhh, it's a nice day....." *Logs on*
11.07.2014 20:45
Posted by 1297820
"Oh dear, such scary weather!" *Logs on*
11.07.2014 20:45
Posted by 1297820
Basically for any situation.... *Logs on*
12.07.2014 01:59
Posted by Scheherazade
Describe scary weather? I have seen no weather that scared me, I'm Canadian
15.07.2014 20:30
Posted by TykisWife
16.07.2014 07:09
Posted by Pinky153
17.07.2014 02:34
Posted by Kazalan
18.07.2014 14:47
Posted by Nakama
this is sad
18.07.2014 16:52
Posted by Duracell
Well... the forums have been lively O__O
18.07.2014 20:35
Posted by Scud
this is hopeless
20.07.2014 03:23
Posted by Scheherazade
Hope is pointless in this day and age.
21.07.2014 21:46
Posted by 1297820
yo mama is so dumb, she tried to climb mountain dew
22.07.2014 16:19
Posted by TheSolista7
23.07.2014 17:50
Posted by TheSolista7
hey guys whats up ? where is eveyrbody?
23.07.2014 23:25
Posted by 1297820
I'm in hell playing checkers with Minnie Mouse.
23.07.2014 23:26
Posted by 1297820
Just kidding =)))))) But it feels like hell because of summer
24.07.2014 01:57
Posted by Scheherazade
In my paddy wagon that's where
24.07.2014 03:46
Posted by Kazalan

Holy f ing shzzz! I saw the first episode of season 3 and holy god!It was amaizing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yeah that's all!!!!!!!! ><
1HelluveButlr · 10 days ago

July Contest The submission period has ended for the following contests, no late submission will be granted further this date. Theme contest Participants Hafia Colossus 1297820 Memo On July 31st will be judgement day, your themes must be complete and ready
Scheherazade · 14 days ago

I know I'm late with making this blog, it's hella hot and I just can't skip on the chance for a nice swim so yes my leisure time is most important. Anyway as I said before, depending on how many will participant this month. It will determine the future of
Scheherazade · 22 days ago
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