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Birdbrains by Thom Bluemel
March 2015
March 6, 2015
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kingdom hearts
Categories: kingdom hearts fans only 
16 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
Kingdom Hearts
Categories: Organization XIII 
17 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
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15.02.2015 00:44
Posted by H-Bomber3000
Damn girl, you gotta chill. Plus, I already have someone, who's willing to share my vision with me for free, for now. I'm not being selfish, I'm giving people an opportunity to create something, and we'll start from the bottom and make our way to the top. This isn't for you and doesn't appeal to you and I understand that.
15.02.2015 04:00
Posted by Scheherazade
I don't have to chill when I give out facts for young artists on this site. Just because they are not professionals does not mean they can't commission their work and since I'm a moderator it is my duty to give out those facts. If you have someone who wants to do it well that'S their business. Daily Ramen isn't an advertisement site for such things, most of the members are actually under aged.
15.02.2015 13:26
Posted by H-Bomber3000
You don't seem like a moderator, I'm gonna be honest.
15.02.2015 13:40
Posted by Scheherazade
Typical response from a typical person when one does not agree with their so called idiotic vision. There are two mods here, TheSolista7 and I so get used to it bub.
15.02.2015 16:21
Posted by TheSolista7
sup? see you making new friends ? xd I thinkbi get what he wants to say Sheherazade what he wants is that ion his work he and the one helping them will get niticed by othrrs and not because they are earning money but becausevthy want to show their skills and be recognosed
15.02.2015 16:38
Posted by Scheherazade
I get what he's saying but he won't be getting any recognition by doing anything for free. Ask any dedicated artist and they will all say the same. You only start getting recognition when you charge for your work so again any serious artists won't draw anything for free because it wouldn't be a positive outcome for them.
15.02.2015 16:39
Posted by 1297820
Wait wait wait, you're not just looking for an artist, but another writer and digital programmers? Sorry, you have a long way to than to just ask around :\
19.02.2015 03:54
Posted by 1297820
Screw society, I want a pet Flamingo
20.02.2015 14:44
Posted by TheSolista7
20.02.2015 17:58
Posted by Scheherazade
You can't handle a Flamingo!
21.02.2015 12:58
Posted by 1297820
I want a Flamingo.....NOWWWWW
21.02.2015 17:10
Posted by Scheherazade
I want a dragon to burn my enemies into ashes but we all know that won't happen.
22.02.2015 15:35
Posted by 1297820
You can always hire an arsonist
23.02.2015 18:06
Posted by Scud
24.02.2015 08:01
Posted by 1297820
25.02.2015 14:22
Posted by Scheherazade
Where would be the fun in that? Wouldn't be as satisfying either.
26.02.2015 21:05
Posted by TheSolista7
hey scud
02.03.2015 14:21
Posted by TheSolista7
oh come on ! no one here ????
03.03.2015 12:55
Posted by 1297820
i am, i was just waiting for scud to reply xD

So I have started to watch this anime called Aquarion Evol. The characters and plot line are amazing! I honestly can't get enough of it. But, what is it truly based on? Sex? Or actual love between male and female? I think that it was very nicely done how t
ScarletteSakura123 · 34 days ago

Daily Ramen 2k15 With the holidays that past and everything being so hectic on my end I wasn't around for a while and I see we've gotten some new members while I was gone. Instead of going one by one, I will save myself the time and Welcome and enjoy yours
Scheherazade · 44 days ago

Herro I am new and I love anime well why would I be on here if i didnt duuurrrrppp! ^_^ #otakufail! well I just wanted to say hiiii~ and I wanna say that anime is the best~  dont you just hate it when people dis anime? its like there all like " anime is fo
ScarletteSakura123 · 52 days ago
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