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This website is dead. It's very empty. Has it always been this empty? No...strangely enough, it hasn't always been this dead. Everyone simply outgrew this website and just abandoned it. Everyone has moved on with their lives. Or...at least, maybe? Perhaps
ikoT · 200 days ago

I just love Kuroshitsuji so i thought it was time to write some fun facts which you may know some of them Have fun reading -In episode 17, when Undertaker is in the pot of salt, Sebastian holds his handkerchief to his nose. This implies demons have an aver
DaisukeProdaction · 426 days ago

I know that there is already a blog talking about cosplay and everything ...that @DaisukeProdaction made  but this is mostly about my experience in cosplay  and well  many other stuff :P Lets begin I live in greece  wow amazing right? XD  and i am cosplayi
The_Avenger_God · 426 days ago

In case you're hurling up the thought of sorting out a skip hire Adelaide for your clean out venture, consider the advantages that these items can convey. At last, it’s vastly improved to have one than not, as clean outs frequently uncover a great deal mor
greenskip · 532 days ago

here I am with yet another cringe-worthy blog that no one cares about! since I have prepared absolutely nothing this time I'm just gonna make this a big shout out for my girlfriend Elina (nakama) who makes the best memes in the united states (besides Donal
Rima · 547 days ago

Now now now dont judge a book by its cover this blog isn't just for this site its for all the anime sites in the whole world  and by old vs new i dont mean old site vs new  site but old days vs new days Lets get started ne? Now let me ask you that ..Why do
DaisukeProdaction · 573 days ago

Just in case a few people actually care - welcome to my 6th edition of my I'm Bored blog series! Due to the emptiness of life between the hours of my day, I bring to you a blog of bores! Now the word bored sounds weird so for the rest of this blog I'm goin
1297820 · 575 days ago

Today's Song Its from THE Korean singer Lim Chang JungWell thats it  i whould like to tell more things about himbut i dont have a clue spare me i may be k-poper but that doesnt mean i search  about themso here you have himLim Chang Jung-Open The Doorbecaus
DaisukeProdaction · 578 days ago

So I don't know about anyone else, but I'm extremely unhappy with the way that Naruto Shippuden ended.  It really all started with the war.  Only a little ways into the Fourth Great Ninja War arc and I knew that things could have been written better.  And
Amaterasu · 586 days ago

There is not Many things to say  the song itself is a record YOU SPIN ME ROUND Yeah I, I got to know your nameWell and I, could trace your private number babyAll I know is that to meYou look like you're lots of funOpen up your lovin' armsI want someWell I.
DaisukeProdaction · 595 days ago
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