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So today my bella's and muchachos i will show you a  the other side of mangas ..the psychological side ..yes you hear me the psychological because japan have this much imagination that not only they make yaoi yuri hentai ecchi but psychological  manga's too.The  manga i am gonna  talk about today is called Btooom.

The plot of this manga is about Ryota Sakamoto an unemployed 22 year old young man who lives with his mother Yukie and is one of the world's top players of the combat video game called Btooom.One day, he awakes in what appears to be a tropical island, though he does not remember how or why he has been transported there. While wandering around, Ryota sees someone and calls out for help. The stranger responds by throwing a bomb at him. Ryota soon realizes that his life is in danger and that he has somehow been trapped in a real-life version of his favorite game. In the game Ryota meets Himiko, who is another Btooom! player and Ryota's in-game wife.

The manga have already 69 chapter and still ongoing while the anime is complete with 13 episodes

btw this is  Ryota  in the manga and in the anime  Ryota_Sakamoto.pngBtooom.Ryota-Sakamoto-Samsung-GT-i9300-G

And this is his game wife Himiko 001.png?imgmax=2000586016-btooom___04___large_33.jpg and here is a little secret ..she is  15 years old

so now back to the manga since you learned the main characters lets continue ne ?

So in the manga is show us a piece of his life and obsession with btooom because everyone treated him like he was a game god only because he was the only one from japan that was on the world's top ranked players and then it just throw us to the part when he is in the island and have some kind of amnesia .Way to go Junya Inoue the second troller after masashi kishimoto ..thank you for giving us so many informations about his life anyway lets continue

Thank god that there are more chapters or this was gonna be boring

So the manga continue with his fight which he win with a single bomb  when his opponent used half of his..now you may ask me " how did he activate it ?"  well muchachos in reality he used 3 bombs  the 1 he activated it by a accident the second after finding how it worked and thinking that it kinda looks like the ones he is using  in his favorite game btoom he throw it at his opponent but being in amnesia and just woke up you become stupid so he throw the bomb before its time went to zero * because it was a timing bomb*  and the  third  he tricked his opponent making him step on it and then boom  we have a delicious  dead person * looks up* i still am waiting  for the ravens to come and  eat this  body *sighs... so yeah after relising that he just killed  someone ..yes jackass you just killed someone ...he went off to search for people that were there and that may help him  remember btw this is the beautiful bomb he used to kill that person Timer_BIM.png

When god helped him and he  finaly found someone to explain him the situation that some people took them there to play some kind of game and to survive in the island the weapons they are using are bomb * just like the game* and  that they have to kill 7 people and take their chips to  go back home ..after he learned all this he team up with that guy and started to think of a way to leave from there without killing people  since none of them didnt want to kill people ..well think again stupid you just killed someone

Anyway after  days and days and days  he finaly found Himiko * which in reality for 10 or 20 fucking  chapter she didnt tell him her name* and after making her trust her  a little  she told them  that she knew why the were send here and this is because ...* dramatic drums** someone close to them that hated them signed them up to send in this island to fight  to death  ....* dramatic gasp* who would to this to Ryota ? ..his mother of course duh i mean  what kind of mother wouldn't sign up her son to a life-death game ? Way to go yukie you did your best for your son  i am jealous of ryota ..please yukie marry my father and become my mothe now i beg you ... and well it is and your fault Ryota for being  such a  b*tch to your own mother :D

Well there were and more things that i haven't told you but i already did to much spoil didn't i? and well lets get to the great part uh ? i don't even know if i am allowed to post this pic in here  so i will put some others ....Hahahahah god have mercy on my soul  thats f***ing  funny q016.jpg?v=11367722562


and  now to the psychological thing after of all this trusting to his first teaam mate Ryota killed him because it seemed like his team mate waited untli  he himiko and Ryota had enoug chip so he could kill them too to take their chips  bravo Ryota you  trust the best people ever  but now seriouly the old man was a good person  just his mind made him go crazy and now he is like this btooom-3670837.jpg

yeah no head for yah bitch

now tell me that you dont like it  kiddo? you have a womans ass on your face how come you dont like it ..wait you gay ? btooom-3800499.jpg

Oh and i didnt say the best part thoug .he say that he whould try to find a way to get out of there without killing people so he started going to guys that were already dead to take their chips to  find what ? they were already taken i mean hello smartass they were dea days now its not like they waited  there  saying to the others" no you cant take me i am waiting for Ryota to come" well of course  chips cant speak and dead people cant too  so what you do if you dong  find chips ? KILL people of course..yeah Ryota you hear me you just killed people and you didnt notice it ? well  anyway the chips where from the people Himiko killed and then with the 2 or 3 you killed and with your dead team mate you got your chips bravooo so now itt is time for the plan  which i will not explain  hahah but bravo Ryota another team mate of your died thanks  to your plan and you still didnt go back ...

Well this is all i am gonna say there is a bit  more but you have the time to write it ?

Thank you for reading and hope you liked the  whole spoil i did for you right now  guess now you hate me eh ? well  i don't hate me so that enough for me

Bye-Bye and your welcome

DaisukeProdaction · 1000 days ago
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