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This website is dead. It's very empty. Has it always been this empty? No...strangely enough, it hasn't always been this dead. Everyone simply outgrew this website and just abandoned it. Everyone has moved on with their lives. Or...at least, maybe?

Perhaps some people died.

Not just by murder...I'm talking, suicide and assassination or real life dangers. Previously, the people of this site were originally hanging out at the Villages. If you know what the Villages are, then you know what I mean. 

Apparently the "Villages" was a previous website that focused more on Naruto, the anime series. Sort of like facebook, but for Naruto fans and such. The full URL was villages.likenaruto.com  . 

Anyway, that website was plenty of fun for like minded people to hang out and get to know each other. Some people went as far as to dedicate videos to the website. Give it a search on YouTube and you'll see.

Many of the users are said to have faced the following:

  • Identity Crisis

  • Depression

  • Suicide

With their usernames kept a secret, this is said as to what actually happened to many of the users of this website.

There are has been plenty of drama that happened during the commencement of Dailyramen.com.

And as Dailyramen died out, so did the users.

ikoT · 200 days ago
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  •  H-Bomber3000: 
    Boy, if you don't shut the fuck up with this lame ass creepypasta type shit. You're making this sound way more sinister than it needs to be. Dudes just up and left this dusty ass community. Hell, I just logged in today for the first time in two years and this shit is still dead.
     76 days ago 
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09.09.2016 (200 days ago)
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Daily Ramen Conspiracies & Mysteries