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Gaiden, Alternate Storu

So I don't know about anyone else, but I'm extremely unhappy with the way that Naruto Shippuden ended.  It really all started with the war.  Only a little ways into the Fourth Great Ninja War arc and I knew that things could have been written better.  And then it just kept getting worse and worse all the way through and even into Gaiden.  So I've come up with an outcome that I think would have been much, much better.

Well, about the war.  I did kind of enjoy the whole Edo Tensei idea because it gave us a chance to reminisce with some of our old favorites.  However, I thought the battle match-ups were pretty cliche and monotonous.  It seemed as if they were just thrown together and could have, in my opinion, be done a lot more delicately.

4th Great Ninja War Reanimation Battles that I DID Like:

Omoi vs. Ameyuri Ringo -- I loved this little battle sequence.  I thought it was cool and even kinda cute.  But I mainly liked these two facing each other because Omoi was able to gain the Lightning swords in the end.  As well as a woman!

Kakashi vs. Zabuza and Haku -- Clearly, these guys should have faced off.  It was nostalgic, although I did have some issues with the fight.  It seemed to be very forced trying to imitate the original Zabuza/Haku battle.  I would have liked to see them go a different way with it.  Also, I don't think Sakura should have been there.  She should have been with the medical corps from the get-go.  I would have liked to see her face Sasori again, but still, she should have been with the medics.

Asuma vs. InoShikaCho -- I can barely stomach this fight because I despise Choji so much, but this was a necessary match-up and Ino had a couple cool moves.  I started liking her kind of after watching her save Choji's worthless ass about 10 times.

**the little brown haired Dutch haircut guy from the Leaf who was in the first company with Sai, Omoi and Kankuro made a name for himself in my book during this war.  At first I was like wow this dude sucks (when he insisted on protecting that Aburame clan guy even though he was clearly a bomb), but then, something happened and a couple of them were blown from Sai's birds and that Leaf guy did a sick move.  He did a few other sick maneuvers, pay attention to him next time you watch, you'll see what I mean, I hope.

Overall, there isn't much that I DIDN'T have an issue with.  I despise the gold and silver brothers and I cannot stand how literally everyone has a little piece of the 9 tails' chakra.  And I'm not a big fan of the Sage of Six Paths' ninja tools.  The whole recording words and capturing spirits seems kind of lame to me.  But the fan that wields all 5 chakra types is cool and I'm glad Tenten got it!

Fastforwarding past all of the war imperfections (and skipping over the fact that Naruto has a totally lame chakra cloak when he's in tailed beast form while every other jinchuuriki morphs directly into their tailed beast, not to mention Kurama's weird glow form?? and also skipping over the fact that Naruto flies now, Sasuke has one Rinnegan and one Sharingan, Kakashi totally lost his sharingan and Guy survived the gate of death) let's move on to Gaiden and the future of Naruto.

     **Guy not dying is a HUGE problem with me.  Someone like him was meant to die in youth, not get old and be in a wheelchair so he can no longer follow his ninja way.

Naruto and Hinata -- We all knew these two were going to get together so it's no surprise that Masashi seemed to get this pair right.  However, I would not have done Boroto and Himawari.  Instead I would have created these children.

Boroto (I'm not a fan of this name, but I'll use it on my oldest character) -- Naruto and Hinata's oldest son, Boroto, has the same spiky knucklehead hair that Naruto had, but it's shiny black like his mother's.  He bears the Byakugan and tremendous skill as a shinobi.  He is looked at just how people like Neji and Sasuke were, like a prodigy.  He inherits the rasengan from his father and is able to master it in record time, without any shadow clones, due to his perfection with chakra control from his gentle fist training with his mother.  His attitude is overconfident to the point of bad decision making, yet he is quiet and rarely boasts out loud, but his cool and quiet smugness can sometimes be most irritating.

     **I like the whole thing about Boroto leaving the village to train with Sasuke.  I'll keep that aspect with my Boroto.  His cool and smug attitude is more like Sasuke anyways, so he'd be likely to follow in Sasuke's footsteps.

Himawaru (again I'll keep the name similar at least) -- Himawaru is the younger of Hinata and Naruto's 2 sons.  He, unlike his brother, has no particular talent and doesn't show an interest in becoming a ninja at all.  The only thing he inherited from either of his parents is Naruto's love for ramen. He seems to have taken on more of Naruto's mother, Kushina's traits than anyone else.  He has straight, short red hair and an unheard of amount of chakra.  His chakra reservoir and healing abilities are even greater than Kushina and Karin's combined.

Sakura and Rock Lee -- I am dead set on this pairing.  I know it never would happen but if I was writing Naruto that's how I would do it.  Those two would grow up to make such a precious husband and wife!  And not to mention I'm in love with the child I created for them!

Kuroba -- this name for Sakura and Rock Lee's daughter comes from the green clover flower that symbolizes vitality and strength.  I figure her mom was named after a flower, and her dad is the youthful green beast, so why not name her after a youth symbolizing green flower?  Anyways, Kuroba has her mom's pink hair but hers is longer and she wears it in a high ponytail.  Even her outfit is similar to her moms, at least in color.  Her attitude is extremely standoffish and bitchy.  She acts lIke the girl in high school who thinks she's way too hot.  But even though she acts like this, she has an inner "cha" self that is basically just her with huge Rock Lee eyes saying SUPER gay stuff that completely contradicts her cool farce.  She pretends that Lee is totally lame, but secretly loves dressing up in the green one piece he forces her to train in.  Her specialty is extreme tai jutsu which she learned from Lee, but she adds an edge to it since she also inherited her mom's delicate chakra control and is able to master the same strength technique and incorporate that in with her already god like tai jutsu moves.

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