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I'm Bored: Cool Daily Ramen Members Edition!

Welcome back to this blog series that died out ages ago!!!giphy.gif

I've noticed that some people on this website join because they are talented. I've also noticed that there are new profiles created every day but they only exist just to exist and nothing more.

Here are a few Daily Ramen Members that are cool!

DR Member #1: AyumiShor

According to her description, she is not good at descriptions! But she has a hobby of drawing! This is one of her awesome pictures!

 Some drawing Ive made o,oGo to her profile to see her other cool drawings!

DR Member #2: TheSolista7

A member since way back of both DailyRamen.com AND the old villages! This talented member writes unique and cool poems! Check 'em out in the links below!

Unworldy Love

We Are The Same

We Should Stop Running

Check out her other cool poems on her profile and on her youtube channel!

DR Members #3: Hafia & Iamsosweet

This is more like something you have to wait for rather than you can instantly read/look at it. Hafia is very good at making themes and also Iamsosweet! They have won past theme contests because of their skill. Go visit their profile and browse!


If you would like a shoutout on my next blog, comment below! Every time from here on now I will mention shout outs to certain Daily Ramen Members!

Now I just need more ideas for blogs....


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I'm Bored: Cool Daily Ramen Members Edition!