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I'm Bored: DOOMED at School Edition

Ever since school has started it seems that "free time" is totally nonexistent...well...reduced...by a lot of hours. Well I guess if I was unemployed then I'll have plenty of free time. But no, reality called and told me to get a job I can go to after school (I guess the money is the bright side of having a job).

Anyway, before this turns into my boring diary, I've experienced a lot of those moments when you're in school then something happens and you know you are doomed. Doomed by bad luck, destiny, whatever you want to call it. But those moments are funny to look back at.

1.) That moment when you're walking to school and a random huge truck runs over your backpack.

        ~I'm probably the only one in the world that experienced this. But,           hey, if this happened to you then you'd be pissed trying to                     explain to the teacher what happened to your assignments.~

2.) When you're a loner in your class then the teacher says, "Grab a partner."

        ~Everyone is all rushing to their best friends because everyone               else knows each other except for you. If you're lucky there                     might be that other outcast in the classroom so you can be                     partners with him.~

3.) No one to sit by at lunch.

         ~Unless you're one of those people who knows absolutely                        everyone in the school, you're doomed. Minus will just go stay              in the bathroom stalls and act like you're pooping for 30                          minutes, who cares about that boy who desperately needs the              stall more than you - it's all about your social life.~

Just in case you're slow to jokes, I present to you:


Anyway, back on subject

4.) You didn't study for the finals. You never did. You know you will do horrible.

        ~Great great great, everyone seems smart, except for you. This is           ultimate doom. Study!


I was going to do 10 doom moments, buuuut I'm short on time. Anyway, can someone else make blogs besides me and Scheherazade? Itachi_Uchiwa, you're on all the time, post something lol. Kirin? Random people who create accounts and leave forever? Anybody?

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I'm Bored: DOOMED at School Edition