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I'm Bored: I'm Bored Edition!

Just in case a few people actually care - welcome to my 6th edition of my I'm Bored blog series! Due to the emptiness of life between the hours of my day, I bring to you a blog of bores! Now the word bored sounds weird so for the rest of this blog I'm going to use the word spiritless because it sounds just as...well...spiritless? Nah, I'll just stick to bored.


Okay, so you've heard the saying that fighting fire with fire creates more fire and blah blah, BUUUUUUT what if I told you that you can fight boredom with boredome?!!!! AHA! 

Trust me though. If your brain feels like junk and your just basically dead and out of any creativity try meditation! I know that some people think that meditation is for hippies and wise old people but c'mon I think it actually kind of works. 

The meditating positions are kind of weird, but looks some up and you'll find more comfortable ones.

Meditating can generate new ideas and more creativity. You're supposed to clear your mind or focus. During meditation if your mind keeps wandering, just pull yourself back into focus on your breathing or whatever.


Another way to ease boredom is through music. But, in a different way. I don't mean scrolling through your playlist and listening to the same song over and over again. 

Try exploring new music. Maybe a genre you haven't heard of. It will be an amazing experience. Now if you're one of those people who refuse to listen to anything else but one genre, I personally think you're missing out on many different types of music the world has to offer.

Just think of the different music in the world!

Here is a link to find almost every single genre possible:



Draw or write freely. Don't even think about.

"Just do it!" - Shia Lebeouf

Remember yesterday when you said tomorrow? Me neither, i'm just writing freely. Grab your sketchpad or journal and start drawing or writing anything you can think of. Once you grasp on a concept, keep building on it! You'll eventually result in something epic, or at least something that was worth your time. Just make it happen. Don't let your dreams be dreams or your cats be cats or your All in One HP Photosmart model number F221b wireless Printer/Scanner/Copier be All in One HP Photosmart model numbher F221b wireless Printer/Scanner/Copier!


Okay, I admit, I am also waaaay bored out of my mind too. Maybe I should try these techniques myself. Anyway, see you guys soon.

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I'm Bored: I'm Bored Edition!