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I'm Bored: Odd Websites Edition

Whenever you go on Youtube you're bound to end up on some random video. We as humans just keep looking for things to keep us satisfied/entertained. So I hope this blog can keep you entertained for a little while, other than that....crap. *Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I will be doing these "I'm Bored" blogs that will show you interesting stuff to keep you entertained. 98b1494f4f5b5becb5b39fac699c2cef.jpg

                                                             Odd Websites

Yes, believe it or not, I Googled some strange websites for you to look at so that YOU don't have to Google 'em yourself! Because, I mean...c'mon, Googling stuff because you're bored?


1. ) http://andrius.esu.lt/10/go2.htm

So basically what you do on this website is that there's this random bunny and it follows your cursor wherever you hover it. The thing is, is that you can't let the bunny capture your cursor or else it's going to cling onto it like a child to a mother at a grocery store (Except no whining). If the bunny DOES happen to capture your cursor, you can just shake it off.

2.) http://weavesilk.com/

For all you artists with your artistic arty ability, and for those who are just bored, this website is for you! Just click and draw random things and you will end up with a random picture that looks cool! Well, not just any picture, more like a very cool pattern. Try it!

3.) http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com/

You probably already know what this website is about just by reading the link. I'm sure some of you guys heard about this website on some Youtube videos or somewhere else. Basically what you do is...nothing....for 2 minutes. Don't touch your keyboard or move your mouse, or else you will fail.

4.) http://thedogpaddler.com/RandomUploads/Ball/ball.htm

This game is VERY FRUSTRATING. There's a ball attached to your cursor by a string and what you have to do is click the ball to change its color...it's difficult. I only got it to change green then I quit.

5.) http://make-everything-ok.com/

If your life is messed up, then go to this website and click the "Make Everything OK" button, it might just make everything okay...

Well, that's all the fun there is today. Until Next Time~

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  •  Iamsosweet: 
    The ball game is supposed to be hard? I cycled through all the colors multiple times in a few seconds...then got bored
     1028 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Scheherazade: 
    I approve of this blog. Now there, you can now say that you have gain my approval that so many have tried to obtain and failed.
     1029 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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I'm Bored: Odd Websites Edition