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I'm Bored: Random "$To0f" Edition

Hello Dailyrameners(?) It's another day here on this website. From reading the title of this blog, you should already know this is going to be about random stuff...or (if you're a wimp) "$To0f".

Just a reminder, Quang and Drew are working on this website, so give them a lot of time to work things out.

Here is an update:


And some reactions:


Keep your innocence to yourself, Innocent_Boy.

That's nice to know. Remember to invite your friends or whoevers to this website. If they want to know what Dailyramen is about just send them this link: http://dailyramen.com/about_us.php 

Also, you guys should stop by the shoutbox on the homepage once in a while. It gets lonely in there. But just be glad it's not the other chatbox... where everything is just...


Anyway let's look at whatever's here on Dailyramen. There is the EXP Leader board on the homepage Let's see who is in first place.

376e174e1e67221ee86606cf321f2b7e.jpgLooks Like Quang is in first.

Let's see who's in last place.


If you go to the members section of this website and sort the members by ages 94-96 you'll get this.


Anyway, sorry this blog is just photos. Just wanted to blog something. Bye people.

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  •  Scheherazade: 
    The moral of the story don't trust the age.
     955 days ago 
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15.08.2014 (956 days ago)
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I'm Bored: Random "$To0f" Edition