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Interview with naruto characters

Why hello there  to you who i do not know  as you clicked the title i must guess that you can read thats bravo for you so today i will be your host in this "serious" interview and  the character that we gonna interview is SASUKE UCHIHA


whoa whoa whoa easy now fangirls we do not want our guest to freak out

sasuke:  1249518409_6109_full.jpeg

well seems that its to late 1b38f9e2.gif well lets start  please take a sit sasuke sir.png

sasuke: *sits* lets just get over with it

typical sasuke ahhem so sasuke first question how does it feel to be in naruto show?

sasuke: boring since i have to wait like million episodes to come in only fore few minutes i mean ok guys we know this is narutos show but hello? i am main character too i exist

shikamaru: and you are  3eb4e7b3.gif?


shikamaru: oh this ballerina guy ?

sasuke: ballerina what?

shikamaru: ballerina this * show pic*  sasuke-ballerina_fb_2478461.jpg

sasuke:  WTF  WHO MADE THIS PIC? 4d6161fd.gif

069.gif who knows well next question in the manga you take sage powers right ? * spoil manga 670+*

sasuke: well yeah

but are those REALLY sage power o something else?

sasuke: something else like  what ?

i dont know maybe marriage tattoos ?  since your bored or normal rings


yeah? 044.gif lets look at this pic hqdefault.jpg HA  you are gay

Sasuke: I AM NOT 3c68bb64.gif

heh the picture show it that you are so victory for me 07baa27a.gif70bff581.gif

sasuke: mommy th_110_.gif

04a97f13.gif one thing my dear ..SHE IS DEAD 70bff581.gif

sasuke : 189bbdde.gif

044.gif well lets continue the interview i can't let you leave when i asked you only 2 questions ...next question  do you fell guilty for killing your brother?

sasuke: th_009_v2.gif

ops did i ask something wrong? ok then how you feel that you do not have  family ?

sasuke : 33c4b951.gif

th_053_XD.gif well lets ask itachi some things

sasuke: * looks around*

ohh i forgot he is dead 026.gif

sasuke: 064.gif

well since sasuke runned away for a mystirious reason sillyp1.gif that i do not know cd08785a.gif we will see you next time

our  next target014.gif  ohhh i mean guest is naruto uzumaki th_113_.gif

See ya next time Ja ne


DaisukeProdaction · 1057 days ago
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  •  Duracell: 
    LOOL all those emoticon gifs are geneiass i swear Nice work mate **full star rate ** good read in a looong time
     1057 days ago 
    1 EXP
  •  TheSolista7: 
    lol brings back some memories xd hahahaha
     1057 days ago 
    1 EXP
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Interview with naruto characters