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Just a few slaps
(Prepare for some serious reading)

Alright, so on Scheherazade's recent blog she pointed out some pretty real stuff. Everyone most likely misses the (Insert whiny voice) "Old likenaruto villages." That place was awesome no doubt, but it's gone so get over it or slap yourself because it won't come back. (← It's almost impossible to say that nicely)

What made the Villages so awesome and fun? THE MEMBERS. Yes, that's right - US! Who are the ones on this website complaining? THE MEMBERS. Yes, correct again - US! You cannot blame the "crap" on this website and you cannot blame the mods. It's like having a blank piece of paper and a pencil. You're not supposed to sit there and wait for the paper and pencil to do something; grab the damn paper and pencil and make something out of it! Make something out of this website if you want it to be like the Villages!

The painful truth is that most of the people on the Villages are probably way too busy with life right now. Maybe they visit here once in a while. But if you want this place to become lively again then simply let go and welcome the new "Villages" welcome Dailyramen.

Give Quang & Drew some time, or maybe try helping them out. And if you want to give a suggestion don't say something stupid...please. 

I was reading some old blogs and I ran into this great one called "To all bored people...and busy ones" by Scud and it points out some really good points about staying active on this website. If you would really want this website to grow, tell your friends about it. Share it on social media. Spread the word. Make this website known. Tell everyone to help this website grow so it can become something as great as the Villages or maybe even greater.


Before I end this blog I would like to share a few things.

Below you will see all the dedication people had for the Villages:

"Loser Like Naruto"


In the description she says, "Join Naruto Villages! It's an awesome social networking site for Naruto fans"

"LikeNaruto.com !"


Two Users named Isuta and Yoshiuchiha from the Villages created this video. Why? Dedication.

"Dear LikeNaruto.com (redid)"

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeYVr0UbJcY) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmZU1uyAgdo)

In this video she addresses some words to Likenaruto.com. This is some awesome dedication right here.

"My Tribute to Likenaruto"


This video is from our very own TheSolista7. The Description says, "This is a video I made and a tribute to my favorite website LikeNaruto.com and LikeNarutoVlillages for it's 2nd anniversary"

"You Know You are Addicted To Naruto When..."


This is from Quang himself. Read the description to that video. We all should know he tried his best. (Drew too)


Notice how everyone on the Villages shared the website and showed that much dedication? Why can't we do the same to this website? Why can't we post all over youtube or any other website about how great this website is? Look at our dedication so far:

"DailyRamen.com Tribute"


This is by Scheherazade.

"Daily Ramen Tribute and Naruto Tribute"



Well yeah, that's basically it. Look at all the commitment to the Villages compared to Dailyramen. No wonder this website is lacking. 

So before you complain that this website is boring, maybe it's because of yourself. Go ahead. Share this website. Do whatever you can to make it lively. Because it's you who either makes this website boring or fun.

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  •  DailyRamen: 
    We're working on adding new features. New upgrade to site software will happen very soon. Just in beta. Waiting for new CMS version to be certified. :p Better things are coming. We're doing our best!!!
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  •  TheSolista7: 
    I so absolutly agree! I would make another vid for Daily Ramen if I still had my laptop..... hope to have one again soon.... hopefully! WELL SAID!!!
     964 days ago 
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  •  Scheherazade: 
    Well spoken
     964 days ago 
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Just a few slaps