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Let's Talk about Cosplay MATE!

eh eh eh see there the mate?  cause ya all are my mates  anyway back to business while everyone is like omoo i love cosplayers they are so good at cosply and so nice and blah blah blah why don't we talk about the real cosplay? that darkest place of it if ya want mate because none dare to talk about it well i do so lets start.

1) Cosplay critics: while other see the poor people trying to cosplay with whatever they have and call them fat idiots and so on when they see a sexy cosplayer   with the OH so nice made costumes and so they droll over them saying that they are talented and so so  i mean ok guys we know that some ppl out there are jealous and criticise the not so famous cosplayers and yeah we respect your comments and so so  the problem?  how can you call someone talented if um yeah do NOT know if they made it?  and even if the cosplayer says that they made it why do you believe them? because You want to believe in that  you are all like " ohh look at that face and that pose and  the make up is perfect and look at the clothes i am pretty sure she did them" well there mate is when your wrong  because most of the cosplayers lie  YES they lie which get us to the next one 

2) Cosplay Lies: The most of the cosplayers wants you to believe that its all made by them  so you will think they got talent and follow them ..ok  now you ask " that cant be most of them made it  by themselfs" and i will say yes the ones that are in the cosplay world for at least 4+ years  and why? because  as the years go by they will get better to it bu8t there are still cosplayers that still lie even if they are cosplaying for 6 years and so  you can never trust something until you see it with your own eyes  go stalk them while they are  making their cosplays put cameras in their houses and  eat pop corn while  yelling notice me senpai from your room  then you can be 100% sure thats its handmade by them  and seriously i have seen so many 16 years old cosplays that they just started cosplaying and they are like " oh all of my stuff are handmade"  when in reality  5 posts  down they write" just ordered  "incert favorite cosplay here"  to cosplay him in few days so happy"  BADD  SHAME ON ALL OF YOU   but well  they are cosplayers of course  but not  cosplayers that put love in their work  and for gods sake guys i didnt tell u to be REIKA   she even make her wigs she is fantastic but you cant just POOF to that level   ok ok keep your lies we do not need them sheesh 

*bonus to 1 : dear haters if you hate the work that the poor cosplayers do and say " heh i could be better" then place stand up from your nice ass and make a costume and cosplay the characters  thank you 

3) Cosplay  Or WW3?:  You may dont know it or you may do but there are stupid cosplayers that think they are so awesome than you and so for no reason they could hate you and call alllllllllllllllllll of their friend who do not even know you to hate you too  pretty nice eh?  yes there are still those cosplayers many people though that they  might had disappeared but no they melted the ice and awaken from their long sleep  and came to eat our brains  Of course all we agrre that cosplay is for all the ages all  body  fitness all colors and  go  on go on  and that when you see a cosplayer your happy and want to be friends with them and blah blah ya know and cosplayers think that too BUT no where there are the type of cosplayers that they are gods to cosplay  and start a war WITH EVERYONE like we are in  a rome or  greek war  they are worse than hitler  they will start hating you and hating you and  say lies about you just so you wont get fans  to them everything is war  that they need to win becausew pft they are gods  which is very disappointing since cosplay is for everyone and its goood and nicee and connects ppl together and more and  all cosplayers are family ..well those  bad type of cosplayers are the type of uncle that the whole family hates the one that farts and  burps and puts his legs on the table  yells to his wife to bring him the slipers  and scratch his belly which is foul of hair and eats with a  disqusting  manner well thats exactly are the bad type of cosplayers  thinking they are  god  a mind that flies on the skies next to  idk jack norris?  who knows 

4) Cosplay Copy: read above because thats what cosplay copy is  there are ppl criticising youthat you copy when you may now there are ppl that lie  that you copy to bring more fans to them and then is uncle barb with his goat next to the river of the house of flowers that he think he is awesome and say that you copy ...and you do copy because you do not have ideas but thats alright everyone does 

5) Cosplay Hate: do i really need to talk about that?  woua woua lies lies blah blah  die die  gay gay lesbian  dick and so on see how can i turn a haters words to a paragraph? 

Well thats all i think there may be more but the secrets of cosplay are hiding from me and I  whoever i am I am going to dig them out  punch them a little and bring them to you  because thats what a good thing does .. being good 

asta la vista MATES 

DaisukeProdaction · 590 days ago
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  •  Wedding_Dress: 
    I like home made cosplay costumes :D (even the crappy ones) I like seeing the effort or creativity that people try to put in them. But like that Numbers Dude said, some of the people claim they make their own costumes when really they bought it from some cosplay market online xD
     590 days ago 
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  •  1297820: 
    I usually make my own costumes, the ones online are expensive anyway lol
    ANd OMG I hate cosplay critics!It seems like they usually just like the girls who have "sexy" bodies and costumes and feels like they despise a lot of the self-made cosplays.
    I also think it's hilarious when people say they make their own costumes but you can easily search it up on google and see the same exact costume lol
     590 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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Let's Talk about Cosplay MATE!