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Million reasons why J-rock is Badass

Everyone here are k-pop fans and this really upset me because j-rock is better than K-pop ( that's my opinion)  If you ever see a K-pop singer do this a J-rock singer do then i own you a ramen cup 

Well i will start now i guess

reason 1 : Did you ever see K-pop do bullshits behind and in front of cameras ? ( without their manager tell them to do those stuffs)  ? Nope because they are not badass like J-rock... While K-pop sitting and think what to do in front of the cameras J-rock  make yaoi with eachothers  <3 they are so pervet <3 1243218306_9094_full.jpeg

see ? ruki is licking ( or kissing ) his middle finger <3 

or this one  tumblr_m9u5vuU8io1roljhro1_500.jpg

They are so cute and pervet 

or this with the screw <3 


Reason 2 : takeru singing with a ice cream <3 takeru.gif

Reason 3 : they got more funny moments than k-pop  watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkugZNh0iFQ 

Reason 4 : they make their own  food show with rukio making his  popular '' egg la  plate'' <3 

Reason 5 : they look more good with dress than the k-pop girls  VersaillesPNGversion.png

Reason 5 : K-pop is only k-pop but j-rock is  not only j-rock  but and j-goth, j-metall ,j-hard  the j-rock have many parts  of music when k-pop have only k-pop

Reason 6 : they are from japane duh 

Reason 7 :  their music is love and you cant hate someone from the band  no like k-pop when  someone like  bigbang but they dont like g-dragon in this band thats not  k-pop fan thats fangirl   of some members no the music but the members when in j-rock you like their music and no the members that j-rock fan and lover

Reason 8 : they don't  hind their opinion  if they are pervet they show it by their music videos and pics   but in k-pop they dont show nothing  just dancing and singing 

Reason 10 :  they are lovers of  '' love scream party''  when k-pop they dont even know what love scream party means 

Reason 11 : they  know better english than the k-pop members  ( yeah  in bigbang is a member that dont know english and V.I can't speak english so no autograph for you ) 

Reason 12 :  they are  badass only to show their self with dress and more make up than a singer have 

Reason 13 : you think that if they are j-rock they are bad poeple but they are not they are the most nice and good people you ever seen in you fucking life 

Reason 14 : they have haters but they don';t make a big deal with it  they know that they will got haters but in k-pop if a band have haters  go in the tv and start to tell them to stop hate them  

Reason 15 :  j-rock  got the balls to do whatever they like and when they want it 

Reason 16 : they are shy people thats really cute <3  they are not like the k-pop that make twitter or facebook or whatever else to be more famous 

Reason 17 : they are  a big family and very friendly with everyone  while k-pop  show pics or videos that they are together like a family when in the opposite their managers tell them to do this 

Reason 18 : j-rock have more fun  than k-pop thats why they dont need to go to the funny tv shows in their country  when k-pop go there to have fun when they want to show that they are funny 

Reason 19 : everyone say that j-rock are satanist people only  because they  wear black clothes  when they maybe are   the biggest christians than the normal people 

Reason  20:  THEY ARE NOT GAY  ( like some k-pop band   ) 

Reason  21 :   they are badass because i tell it end of convo 

That's it  thats my opinion  and i dont care if i will got many  bad comments from the k-pop fans  because   more bad comments more true reason that k-pop is not the best music   and i am a k-pop fan too   and i like k-pop bands but what i said is true  and i  dont care again if i take 1 or 2 stars or none  I am j-rocker and i like it you mad ? 

And for the end   the song love scream party from sug http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=JCjRdesUOVo&NR=1 

And  gather roses from  ScReW ( byou here is so badass )  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLlDciv5Atw 

The_Avenger_God · 1513 days ago
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  •  Anonymous: 
    Good thing you made this blog. Asian music (esp., Korean and Japanese songs) appeals to me much than American pop music...
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  •  Anonymous: 
    J-Rock looks cool. I also like K-pop. But C-pop is what I like the best.
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  •  IAMHERE: 
    Could somebody please recommend me some bands to listen to??
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  •  HermioneGranger: 
    I loveeeeeeeeeee your blog ♥
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  •  Anonymous: 
    OMG, we're perfect together! I love JRock. Gackt Camui!!
     1513 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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Million reasons why J-rock is Badass