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Natsume Yuujinchou Review

Just got done watching the anime Natsume Yuujinchou ^^ . To be honest i didn't think i would watch this anime because i'm a person who is mostly into the romantic series, but i watched this anime because of the interesting story summary and the amazing music in the background xD. 

In summary, this story is about Natsume Takashi, high school student, who has seen yokai's all his life since he was a child. First off when he was young he told his parents if they could see this ghostly spirit by their plant, but of course they didn't see anything no matter how much he said that IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. And of course his parents don't believe him and start to think that their child is crazy and just seeing things. Sooner or later his parents pass away and he was sent to many relatives, but also of course the relative's would freak out and not want to care for him anymore, you can say his life was very lonesome and sad (TTATT  )... during his high school, he moves with a relative who accepts him heart-fully, his relatives lived where his grandmother used to live. Once he settles in his new place, he gets chased by yokai's calling him, "Reiko" He then inherits this strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko,The book was called, " The Book of Friends". He then meets this mysterious Inugami, named Madara who Natsume accidentally released. Madara then asks for the Book of Friends, but of course Natsume denies to give away the book. The Book contained names of ayakahi's in which his grandmother defeated and made contract with to come to her aid if she calls their name. He then decides to dissolve the Book by returning all the names to their owners. He is accompanied by the Madara, who he calls "Nyanko-sensei" or sometimes simply "sensei," promising him possession of the Book of Friends once he is dead in return to be Natsume's bodyguard in his journey to return the names.

If i were to rate this anime 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest, i'd give it a 2, but of course that's what i would rate it :) . Another reason why i watched this anime is because this anime is about yokai's in which i love! ( if you don't know, yokai's are ghost, spiritual, and supernatural monsters told in Japanese folklore). The stories of the yokai's told in the story is amazing! It was heartwarming and calming yet sad and oh my gosh the soundtrack is also an amazing and heartwarming music to listen to. Last but not least this anime was great and i would recommend it to anyone who is maybe into demons/yokai's. I hope some of you guys end up watching this anime and to those who have already seen it, YOUR AWESOME! 

( also if you liked this anime review or summary please comment and give your opinion if i should keep doing anime reviews like this and anime recommendations, that would be great! XD i have many more to recommend to everyone and also to those romantic anime lovies! Peace out!) 

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    Oh yeah I've heard of this! It's a nice one, love it.
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Natsume Yuujinchou Review