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New here + help

Heyo guys!

I'm new here- I mean I was in Likenaruto but..you get my point, right? xD

It's really quite here, If I could get volunteers to bring back the spirit :/ If interested, comment down and I'll message you the details.

And lastly, does anyone have the theme code from LikeNaruto? With the render on top and stuff? I really need it for my site! 

Thank you :)))

Stay adorably incredibly exceptional cute till then~

ChitogeKirisaki · 655 days ago
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  •  TheSolista7: 
    who where you on Like Naruto? i dont remember lol
     585 days ago 
    0 EXP
  •  DaisukeProdaction: 
    i whould like to see what you have in mind this place need more spirit indeed and please scheherazade dont bite us we have kids to take care of we will be your slaves if you want to
    also who were you in Like Naruto?
     595 days ago 
    0 EXP
  •  Scheherazade: 
    I used to bite back in likenaruto and I still bite. Probably will still bite in the future...
     610 days ago 
    0 EXP
  •  1297820: 
    Hello there! I'm the opposite. I'm.......old here? lol. I post frequent blog posts and polls and visit the shoutbox when I can. I appreciate your willingness to lighten the spirit here and make this website incredible. I am interested as of what you have in mind to bring back the spirit. Message me if you will. As of theme codes, it is very different here. You don't need CSS coding, it's a totally different editing style. Search up Schehezenerade (http://dailyramen.com/Scheherazade ) and look through her blogs. I think she has Blog Tutorials on how to do the themes and such.
     654 days ago 
    2 EXP
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New here + help