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Old Vs New

Now now now dont judge a book by its cover this blog isn't just for this site its for all the anime sites in the whole world  and by old vs new i dont mean old site vs new  site but old days vs new days 
Lets get started ne? 

Now let me ask you that ..Why do you give up on something so quickly? Why do you complaint  all the time ? why you criticise someone else when you are in the same boat?  why why why  there are many questions without answers  so why do you keep asking and wait for an answer ? 

Asking without getting an answer and criticise without getting a reply is a waste of time 

And now you may ask me " what the fuck are you saying dude  how do all those questions have to do something with the old vs new days?" 

Well they have  because lets be honest 

In the old days the WHOLE  world of anime was like a morning day in china town YEAH  FILLED WITH PEOPLE from 2002 till 2012  the whole internet was filled with many many many anime fans having fun with their fandom  metting new people  with simple words  the whole internet was OURS ours people  but what did we do? after promises and promises that you will keep this profile  forever and stay active forever and i will never give up to this world and so so so so .. what did we do?  WE ALL  BROKE  our promises  where is your profile young lady/boy?  where is your love for the site? were is your love for anime?  you haven't been active  400 days now  were is your new work ? eh? answer me... you can't because you don't know how  if at least you had some love for this you could be on talking with others and sharing your love but you are filled with lies and excuses because you can't admit it that you broke your previous promises you simply can't so you fill the whole fandom with lies 

Do you know how  sad this  is ? i am going from site to site to see what is going on and none none there is nothing there  anime fans disappeared   old cosplayers stoped cosplaying  the sites are slowly  dying....why were only the old days the days you were active ? What  its not like 2002  till 2012 were the years of anime and then you could just give up  naruto fandom  was the FIRST one to give up so easyly just because they didn't like the  end of naruto so everyone disappeared like dust leaving nothing and all were like " oh i hate anime i wont watch anime again" dear naruto fan  why dont you at least watch another anime? just because you got heartbroken from an ending that doesnt mean you can give up  naruto never gave up  so why did you? bleach fandom the same one piece fanpop the same  all the fandoms are slowly dying  do you know that i search fanpop and not a single one  naruto fans is there same with deviantart  most of the authors and artist are very disappointed  because a fandom started dying because of  a bad ending   most of them worked  hard for their stories or arts  and now they have nothing  to do since none is going to appreciate their hard work  anime in reality is slowly dying than growing guys we may think that because the world slowly started showing some  small bits of anime that doesnt mean we are growing the animes are slowly dying   as the fandoms are slowly  dying  and we can not do something about this ...

If you want a site to be active or a  fandom to be active  then  do what you promised years ago find some extra time for your anime love  and show it to everyone  sites are not dying because the admins or the mods or the few people that stay at the site do nothing the sites are dying  because YOU dont have an extra hour to be active WE are killing the sites and then blame others for our faults .. why cant we make 2015 like  i dont know like 2008? where the fandoms were like  crazy that year?  why cant we do that? i am asking you  just think of this seriously  because if you dont and then start asking why a site is dead then my friend you must be stupid for asking that if you yourself havent  thought that question seriously 

Now lets stop  with all this and take a deep breath and  talk  little about the new days  

2013 Till now 2015 

2013 there were still some people online talking with anime fans so i cant say a lot about 2013 

but oh oh oh ohh boy isnt 2014 a good year    2014 came and went like this  like a poof fans just stoped carying about anime and  changed  likes ok ok you can  change your liking  kid i didnt say that you cant  but please do not start asking why a site is dead   and " oh boy i was lucky i  went out that fandom that early this fandom is dying" because if you think that and  ask also then  read above  thats all i want to say about 2014 

and 2015  the years didnt ended yet and all the sites are dead bravo people i must say you are good very very good of course many of you say " thats not true there are  fresh blood coming in the anime world and  there are a lot of cosplayers and blah blah " well true i cant deny that  there are a lot of cosplayers and fresh blood but where is the old one? old blood whould help fresh blood be  i dont know more willing and more thoughtful about the animes but there is not so the new blood do whatever shit they want without even know so yeah i do not want to say a lot about the new one because there are good ones and bad ones so yeah  and just because there are cosplayers that doesnt help the sites think about it 


 a little motivation by Shia Labeouf 

That was it  thats the end of this blog hope you like it and sub also share and comment bellow

damn it sasuke this is not youtube 

well do whate you like bye bye 

DaisukeProdaction · 568 days ago
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  •  kirin: 
    we need $13500 but looks like its impossible
     459 days ago 
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  •  Scheherazade: 
    TheSolista7 and I have tried to get people motivated on here several times but apparently it's impossible to satisfy anyone by 1% so as everyone can see of my lack of presence around here I have completely given up on this site ever becoming like how villages was because people are stuck on the old days.
    This site had potential but the members can't be satisfied no matter what we do.
     503 days ago·2 replies2 replies 
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  •  D_Luffy: 
    I too miss the old days :'(
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