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Rant: Want to make friends? BEWARE!

**********If you are uncomfortable with the use of profanity,it is advised that- who gives a shit********

Alright, so I'm not sure how many of you guys are in school, but in school you have the option to make friends. Yeah that's right, making friends is an option! You can simply choose to ignore all the bullshit that is capable of happening. That does not make you a loner at all! It just means that in this world it's not okay to rip someone's tongue out their mouth and tell them to fuck off. Anyway, if you want to choose the other option and make friends then you better beware, some people are not human at all, they are just shit. And when they have to use the bathroom then they just flush themselves down the toilet because they are shit.

One person to ignore is the "if/then" person. Sure go ahead and be friends with this bitch, but there's a price. The price is changing yourself. The "if/then" person judges you because obviously they are god. Here are some examples on how to spot an "if/then" person.

"If you wore better clothes, then I'd be your friend."

"If he/she wasn't so weird, then they'd be cool."

"If you were smarter, then people would like you."

See what I mean? They think they know what's better for you when all you have to do is give them the middle finger and tell them to fuck off. If you can simple be yourself and make friends, then those friends are right for, not this "if/then" bullshit. Which leads me to my next topic.

One person whom you should be friends with is the "as is" person. Simple as that. This person will simply like you for who you are. If your friend doesn't mind that you like hip-hop music even if he/she is a metal head, then that is good enough to be friends because you can have other things in common. Or if someone doesn't mind that you fucking cuss a lot, or do drugs or shit, then they don't fucking care. And that's cool.

But sometimes having a friend doesn't mean having him/her  as a friend for life. Sometimes you get separated by moving away, different schools, interests or ideology. Some people are actually really lucky to have a childhood friend who is still friends with them even into adulthood. 

Also friends depends on the kind of person you are too. Would you rather have 40 friends or four? 20 Friends or two? 10 friends or one? Or maybe you'd rather just have 3 friends and call the other people acquaintances. I guess it's up to you.

I know this is kind of weird, but I'm still in High School, and this is what I've learned so far about friends.

What are your thoughts about friends?

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Rant: Want to make friends? BEWARE!