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Sweet Sweet Rants

   So, I've become one of those people. You know, the kind of people that believe they are better at the game then everyone around them. Now, I'm not talking about these highly competitive online games such as League of Legends, DOTA, or Call of Duty. I'm talking about one of the greatest shooters of all time though. It's a game consisting of crude humor, excessive cartoon gore, and the occasional twerk put on by oversized people. The best part of all is that this game is free (Disclaimer: There are things that you can buy in game if you really want to, but you don't have to pay a cent.).

Best game 2014. Rated M for Mature....with good reasons..don't play this kids.


    Now, I'm not here to promote the game or anything, or even describe much about it. There are a few thousand videos about it anyway if you really must know more. Anyway, all you really need to know is that it is a fun little 3rd person shooter with over the top humor. What I'm here to talk about is how I have become the thing I hate most. The monsters of the multiplayer gaming world. The "know it alls" and the "professionals" that everyone has experienced while playing online games. The ones that decide to yell at the team for being new at the game. 

  Fortunately, I have seen the symptoms of this forming within me, so it has yet to reach the level of extreme rage at the players. So far it is only yelling at the screen itself, a much less demeaning thing for one to do. That is of course if someone catches you doing it. This  fortunately have yet to happen, but I assume it will happen someday in the future.

   Now, you may be asking what these symptoms are, so I compiled a list of actions this players might do in the course of their online gaming career:

1. A sense of anger boils inside when a teammate of your's messes up.

2. You laugh with pleasure when an opposing team member messes up.

3. You insult players for being bad at the game.

4. You show little to no sense of sportsmanship whatsoever. 

     Example: "I hate your guts, I can't believe you guys messed up our victory."

5. Insulting players, either with bad accusations or profanity.

6. Realizing everyone on your team is worse at the game than you are, and then calling them out on it.

7. You have more fun insulting players than playing the game itself.

  If find yourself only showing maybe one or two of these symptoms, it is fine. Some of these are just normal human behavior. If you show multiple, or even all of these symptoms though, you might just be realizing that you are "one of those" people yourself. It's not too late though, you can easily prevent it from getting out of hand anytime soon. Just take breaks in between matches, or even just let out a small scream of anger. Don't take it out on the poor players, they're just human after all. 

   Now then, some cases of rage are justified though. A worthy example is what just happened when I played the most recent match of  Loadout. I was playing a competitive mode in which teams try to gather points through various means. It's really simple to get points if the players just play the game. Now, my team was down only a couple hundred points. THis really isn't that much in the game. A couple of control point captures and hammer gatherings away from the other team. At some point I realized that my team was nowhere to be found. I looked at the minimap up top and noticed that all of the players in my team quit the game. That's right...they quit the game. Now this wouldn't be a problem if it was any other mode, other players can just join in and fill their spots. Unfortunately, this was competitive mode, no other player can fill up the spots, even when they quit the game. So, I had two choices, either continue the match, 1 vs 4, and inevitably lose, or quit along side with them. I chose the latter option, for obvious reasons. After that, I decided to rage quit gaming for the night. That was the final straw to break the camels back, so to say...which lead me to release my anger through this blog.

  Now with that over,  I'll be off playing more loadout if you need me.

Iamsosweet · 1134 days ago
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Sweet Sweet Rants