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im bored..........................i now this is pretty darn lame so i guess ill put a pic here or 2   

lame         poor kakashi

hahahahahaha i know its not April fools but hey it made you laugh XD

tumblr_mm3tvf6Blu1r3pycko1_500.jpgXD lol poor sasuke and Itachi!!!!!! XD

hehehsorry im a Sasuke hater,i accept your hatred!

haha    yeah go Sai!!!!!!!

true True Very True!

Well hope you liked my Super Lame Blog of my boredness,and yeah I added some pic,cus I was bored 


Fine I had to put one more,because i really love black butler,yeah you can actually get this bookmark in i think amazon,its pretty cool! 

TykisWife · 1367 days ago
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  •  Duracell: 
    Wow till i saw this i thought Black Butler was lame....but now i want that bookmark..guess i'll have to read the manga now =__=
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I love Tyki Mikk!
28.06.2013 (1367 days ago)
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