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Just in case a few people actually care - welcome to my 6th edition of my I'm Bored blog series! Due to the emptiness of life between the hours of my day, I bring to you a blog of bores! Now the word bored sounds weird so for the rest of this blog I'm goin
1297820 · 574 days ago

**********If you are uncomfortable with the use of profanity,it is advised that- who gives a shit******** Alright, so I'm not sure how many of you guys are in school, but in school you have the option to make friends. Yeah that's right, making friends is a
1297820 · 663 days ago

Welcome back to this blog series that died out ages ago!!! I've noticed that some people on this website join because they are talented. I've also noticed that there are new profiles created every day but they only exist just to exist and nothing more. Her
1297820 · 735 days ago

For those of you who don't know yet... Naruto Manga Ends Next Month (↑ Read that article first) If you're still a big Naruto fan like me, or perhaps you were a Naruto fan and you just waited for the ending to come along, then here are some ideas to get you
1297820 · 902 days ago

Ever since school has started it seems that "free time" is totally nonexistent...well...reduced...by a lot of hours. Well I guess if I was unemployed then I'll have plenty of free time. But no, reality called and told me to get a job I can go to after scho
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Hello Dailyrameners(?) It's another day here on this website. From reading the title of this blog, you should already know this is going to be about random stuff...or (if you're a wimp) "$To0f". Just a reminder, Quang and Drew are working on this website,
1297820 · 955 days ago

(Prepare for some serious reading) Alright, so on Scheherazade's recent blog she pointed out some pretty real stuff. Everyone most likely misses the (Insert whiny voice) "Old likenaruto villages." That place was awesome no doubt, but it's gone so get over
1297820 · 964 days ago

You're weird and nobody likes you. Just kidding. But some "weird" people have taken their "weirdness" to the next level to pursue them as records! The reason why I'm putting "Weird" instead of just weird is because some (Not all) aren't actually weird.  So
1297820 · 1022 days ago

Whenever you go on Youtube you're bound to end up on some random video. We as humans just keep looking for things to keep us satisfied/entertained. So I hope this blog can keep you entertained for a little while, other than that....crap. *Oh yeah, I forgot
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