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Hello, as you have noticed for sure, this is a Troll-account. You all wonder for sure who's behind this "disgusting actions". First of all let me explain some things and let me say my points and then I'll reveal our identity. You will sure know  who I am d
Kocalarush399 · 1506 days ago

Daily Ramen Journal The new site created by Quang Daily Ramen has been opne for testing for almost a week (6-7 days) now, so I wanted to make an article about the diferent opinions of some members  had about  the site.But first and for most I wanted to th
TheSolista7 · 1525 days ago

Ok guys... you will probably hate me for saying this.... but here goes... I dont think Naruto is the right canditate for being a hokage.... Ok now u might be saying... i am nuts... Its Naruto's dream to be Hokage... and story will probably end him being a
no1ninja · 1528 days ago

Sasuke is just so jealous about Naruto sexy touching hands with everyone and he's sitting there near an animal freak, another gay and a pedo. Sounds so nice when you can get raped in any seconds. He's so angry that Naruto  gives parts of his chakra to thos
UzumakiRukia · 1531 days ago

I really dont understand why people hate so much on Sakura.  She is a great Kunoichi. she is very good in chacra control and also good in taijutsu.  She is a a very good medical ninja. and has an extreme strength.  Ok she can sometimes be really anoying li
TheSolista7 · 1302 days ago

Oh well!I'm getting pathetic day by day.I'm not posting facts on time.I'm not writing manga,I'm putting little effort in my blog, blah,Blah...but You should simply bear with it. To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, push your thumbs into its eyeballs -
Rima · 1477 days ago

I was shocked when I heard about this in the local news and  asked myself why people would do a thing like this. A few days back I think it was on Thursday they found in the local zoo El Pinar here in Caracas a mutilated Ocelot (cunaguaro)( Leopardus parda
TheSolista7 · 1514 days ago

not really sure how to feel about that,but I made a couple of bad decisions lately,ain't got time to share it with You.I'm here to watch my actors saying the right words ladies and Gentlemen                         WTF facts of the day Producer: Sandie st
Rima · 1496 days ago

Life is just to short  to be sad :) Like it says in the title : LIFE IS JUST TO SHORT TO FEEL SAD :)This has always been my motto, but for some reason i had forgotten about my mantra.But now that I remembered it nothing will mke me sad .. ( or at least I
TheSolista7 · 1507 days ago

Hey everyone! It's been long since Villages got down from the internet, and therefore we haven't been able to do any roleplaying. If you're (still) interested in doing this, leave a comment so we'll open an RP chatroom and start roleplaying again! :)
UzumakiJesse · 1527 days ago
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