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When words have been written, listed or ordered in any way to carry meaning -- whether the words make sense to one or not-- it becomes something.When one word has been muttered, shouted, or hidden, it carries meaning.A power that changes under the intentio
Duracell · 1012 days ago

So I got bored and since there were't blogs or forums up at all recently, I'm feeding the public with some stuff.  (Sorry I use this place like my scribble journal)What I've been doing recently: -School year is about to end!!  So i had a few tests and fina
Duracell · 1030 days ago

Alright guys, here is the general plan for forum RolePlays: I've never really used this tab on here before but there is a Groups tab on the bar of DailyRamen. I plan to add a forum roleplay group where we will have our own forum (That way we don't annoy pe
Duracell · 1046 days ago

((For those of you who don't know: this is a forum roleplay. Roleplay (rp for short) is like writing a story with many people. First person posts a starter and another person replies a continuation of the story with their own character. You can use any cha
Duracell · 1050 days ago

Hey guys sorry for flooding the blog updates by myself.  I've had poems on my phone for a while and Evernote, but since my phone's been acting very weird and stupid recently, I need somewhere to save my work for a while. I'm going to try Springpad this ti
Duracell · 1051 days ago

I will always be here If you look up  Call me, I'll hear Even if I pack up I'll drop everything If you can come into my arms I'll destroy anything That could put you in harm But when I'm the reason The knife of possibilityI must arrest myself of treason D
Duracell · 1051 days ago

When carols sunghave become nothing.Forgotten bells rungAnd doors with no opening Our little handsred and tornAll for small errandsand socks already worn. We work with smilesCold under our hoodsFor nothing worth the milesthat we walked in blood. Alone we t
Duracell · 1053 days ago

It’s limited edition Three seconds of the life of an hour Beauty like an explosion Too full to keep, spilling colors better than a flower Fired petals fall from the sky Destroying people down in the habitat Love is warfare- and I wonder why Never to last t
Duracell · 1053 days ago

So hey guys, I just wanted to point out something that you can practice online that might be hard to do in real life: confidence.I've been to many conventions, college fairs, scholarship meetings, culture fairs and I've been a part of it irl (in real life*
Duracell · 1072 days ago

Hey guys, for all of you that have been reading posts recently, you know me. This is SasChan, yes I was SasChan until about 30 minutes ago.. and I think I did put up a blog about me deleting my old account, if you are trying to ask me for reasons.Well, a f
Duracell · 1086 days ago
Hey I was SasChan here
Whatever I think and need to tell you guys...or if I'm bored. Oh yea, ROLEPLAY ON FORUMS
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