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   So, I've become one of those people. You know, the kind of people that believe they are better at the game then everyone around them. Now, I'm not talking about these highly competitive online games such as League of Legends, DOTA, or Call of Duty. I'm
Iamsosweet · 1131 days ago

I could ramble on and on about the reveals that happened, but instead I will sum up: 1.Microsoft showed a couple interesting games, but nothing that makes me want to put up with the counsel and nothing special that makes me want to spend $499. 2. EA talke
Iamsosweet · 1381 days ago

Get the title? Because....I'm sweet...as in....my username..get it? Pun's aside, I would happily confirm the title of this pointless and completely boring blog by saying that today is indeed my birthday. As I have grown older, I have noticed something very
Iamsosweet · 1398 days ago

 Microsoft announced it's new console today,  the Xbox One. I shall be sharing my personal opinion on what has been revealed. This is just my opinion, this does not reflect the opinion of everyone else in Ramen Gaming.  Now that I have got that out of the
Iamsosweet · 1402 days ago

   Bethesda, the people famous for the creation of the Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and most recently, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has recently announced a new game that they will be publishing. This game currently has the title of, "The Evil Within". Note t
Iamsosweet · 1431 days ago

     Nintendo just had one of their Nintendo Directs today. For those that don't know what a "Nintendo Direct" is, it is a monthly reveal of what Nintendo has in store for us. The conference started off with more information on Nintendo's upcoming title fo
Iamsosweet · 1436 days ago

      There is tons of gaming news around this time of the year. There are currently many rumors are floating around about upcoming games and counsels.  Unfortunately, no one is able to confirm or deny these rumors.       Starting off the rumor mill, the u
Iamsosweet · 1442 days ago

       This, is the Akinator, and he knows all about your favorite characters. He will ask a series of questions to find out about a specific character you are thinking of.  I even tested this with a few obscure characters, and he got them all right. If yo
Iamsosweet · 1457 days ago

An Anime Recommendation             Have you  been looking for an awesome new anime to watch? Are you tired of the same old cliches? Are you looking for a quick laugh?  Do you like a nice story that will forever mess with your mind if you think about for
Iamsosweet · 1469 days ago

    I don't know how I managed to escape the zombie hoards of Buckingham Palace, but I did. I went into the depths of the Buckingham Palace tunnels, avoiding little contact with the infected. During my nearly event-less journey through the underground pass
Iamsosweet · 1519 days ago
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