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It's over. Yesterday I found out both chapters 699 & 700 had been released. Wasn't prepared for that. But I liked reading them.  699 was just awesome. The way Sasuke finally realized he’s been on the wrong path all the time and Naruto really is his bes
Nitaya · 867 days ago

Favorite personality trait: Ambition. His plans may have been inhumane, but he did everything needed to reach his goal. Killing people in the shadows to protect Konoha, cursing his own Root members to make sure all his activities weren’t revealed. Cruel ma
Nitaya · 1172 days ago

Favorite personality trait: No idea if you can call it discipline, but his ‘My Rules’ thingy. He keeps setting up goals and punishments if he didn’t reach that goal in time. Funny and insane punishments, but that’s discipline if you ask me. Favorite relati
Nitaya · 1175 days ago

Favorite personality trait: Shyness. It’s a good and bad thing. It gives her a huge cuteness factor, and you really start to feel sympathy for her. But it’s also a irritation factor. The way she keeps stuttering and fainting when she sees Naruto gets on yo
Nitaya · 1182 days ago

Favorite personality trait: Self-confidence. Madara knows he’s one of the most powerful shinobi and it shows in everything he does. The way he fights, talks. Everything. Favorite relationship: Izuna. I really liked his friendship with Hashirama, but he end
Nitaya · 1186 days ago

Favorite personality trait: His persistence to prove everyone wrong. He believes in his own skills and will try anything to prove it to others. And even after he’s been through hard times, he isn’t giving up. Favorite relationship: Guy-sensei. The way Lee
Nitaya · 1212 days ago

Favorite personality trait: Pride. In contrary of Kotetsu, he’s proud to be one of Tsunade’s errand boys. That’s a good thing, since Kotetsu will try to avoid work all the time and he’s the one dragging him back to finish the job. Favorite relationship: Ko
Nitaya · 1214 days ago

Favorite personality trait: Empathy. I know it’s horrible what Danzo did to him by ‘taking away’ his feelings, but it makes him such an entertaining character. The way Sai reacts to emotions and tries to understand them, is actually very interesting. Favor
Nitaya · 1214 days ago

Favorite personality trait: I actually like her personality as a whole. She’s timid, but not afraid to speak her mind or to become quite aggressive when it comes to protecting the ones she cares about. There really isn’t anything that I don’t like about he
Nitaya · 1221 days ago

Favorite personality trait: Perviness. The way he admitted that he was a super pervert, showed that he wasn’t ashamed of it. And it also gave him the inspiration needed for his Icha Icha novels. But it also gave Naruto a way to get him to do things while u
Nitaya · 1228 days ago
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