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here I am with yet another cringe-worthy blog that no one cares about! since I have prepared absolutely nothing this time I'm just gonna make this a big shout out for my girlfriend Elina (nakama) who makes the best memes in the united states (besides Donal
Rima · 543 days ago


Greetings,I believe it's been a long while since I wrote on this place and even longer since I wrote something actually. Tumblr is freaking boring and full of ghosts and Jean's horse face jokes.and let's face it. you guys are no fun! anways I just came her
Rima · 1263 days ago

A friendly reminder that this blog is only being written is to make you jealous,cause I just finished my last exam.I can't believe it.No more finals. So I just downloaded the whole App store on my iPhone and Mac to celebrate this joyful event also I decide
Rima · 1389 days ago

As You might heard the breaking news from the NInja News Network,The rouge Ninja Uchiha Sasuke has been added to the Hokage Volunteer list which was followed by numerous objections by konoha Shinobi.Of course We should expect anything from the unpredictabl
Rima · 1399 days ago

Hey kids!I'm back again.I Have my finals on and since I absolutely have no idea what I've been doing this whole semester I'm just gonna quit studying,because,well it's the first time I hear these things.Who is X?and why should I find him?I heard my teacher
Rima · 1401 days ago

Before We start I just remembered that Nagato is hot...but Itachi is hotter.sad truth isn't it? You know you can't buy love with money but It just happened to me...Jeff was an asshole that I hated more than anything else,Even more than fresh meat and topl
Rima · 1437 days ago

A Poem by me..... Yea,I always wanted to start my blog like that.but I'm not good at creating poems too(Shoker)Gosh I'm not good at anything,Anyway I'm gonna turn this blog into a personal nagging book,un Let's start with the Ramen shop. Costumers:  A.K.A
Rima · 1441 days ago

Oh well!I'm getting pathetic day by day.I'm not posting facts on time.I'm not writing manga,I'm putting little effort in my blog, blah,Blah...but You should simply bear with it. To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, push your thumbs into its eyeballs -
Rima · 1473 days ago

Back after almost a week and all I have is 2 Notifications,1 friend request and absolutely No Pm. Join Daily ramen they said,it would be fun they said. and lately,my assistant Informed me that I should write Original facts.Well guys I just dropped out of
Rima · 1479 days ago
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