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Hey guys... So... I'm thinking whether or not I should delete this account.I made this account way back, a long time ago, and returning to this site, and my profile, I just have this aching headache - because there's so much character on the profile. I've
SasChan · 1086 days ago

Okay, so maybe this isn't the newest of probable ideas...but I've been to many forums recently other than here and witnessed and experienced roleplays on forums, and that we should do that here.I think this works really well in any site, however active it
SasChan · 1087 days ago

Okay guys, i don't know what's up with this computor or the sites weird or I'm just weird..but I've been posting about 5 blogs today (Yes I write alot I'm sorry) but none of them are popping up to what "My Blogs" or anything of the sort.Not really sure if
SasChan · 1087 days ago

Hey guys I bought four Naruto Shipuuden Akatsuki posters I don't like anymore. I never opened them, and they're brand new and straight from Japan's toy store. ( lol yea I went all the way to get these stuff)I have Itachi, Kisame, Sasori, and Deidara. The p
SasChan · 1267 days ago

It's great when total strangers can come together and bond to be best friends all because of an anime. It's better when someone likes the same character as you-- there's so much to talk and argue about!!!!But the thing is, it's sad even in the happiest mom
SasChan · 1375 days ago

I have put up alot of posts on other sites, about my opinions and views and very few people paid much attention or came up with an answer I didn't think of, but here at DailyRamen, there I've gotten great words and comments from so many people already, it
SasChan · 1433 days ago

It cries from deep underground It cries in a horrible disgusting way It looks insane but unbound Joy screams tearing the night into day
SasChan · 1438 days ago

Crowded in the alleys are the souls left behind as words drift into my alleys they sit forgotten behind dreams whithered and stale sitting in trash, accepting in acquiesce while dreamers live on, light and pale they merely forget from consciensce. No fight
SasChan · 1438 days ago

It’s limited edition Three seconds of the life of an hour Beauty like an explosion Too full to keep, spilling colors better than a flower Fired petals fall from the sky Destroying people down in the habitat Love is warfare- and I wonder why Never to last t
SasChan · 1438 days ago

If you could save anything, any small life from the life of a worm to the starving prostitutes in Thailand, would you save it all? Nature has its "natural selection" system, AKA the "jungle law" where the weak perish and only the strong or worthy will surv
SasChan · 1442 days ago
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