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In case anyone was wondering why chapter 624 of Bleach hasn't been released yet which should be by now, apparently Tite Kubo is ill or something so there won’t be a chapter this week. So 624 will be released next week on the 23rd And just to give a heads u
Scheherazade · 707 days ago

For the love of Freckle Jesus, this blog series is practically the only one on here. I spit at Itachi_Uchiwa lame ass fanfics that are really blogs but whatever. She's a mental lost case. Top 10 Animes of 2015 In case you guys are bored here are the top 1
Scheherazade · 718 days ago

Daily Ramen 2k15 With the holidays that past and everything being so hectic on my end I wasn't around for a while and I see we've gotten some new members while I was gone. Instead of going one by one, I will save myself the time and Welcome and enjoy yours
Scheherazade · 792 days ago

Infomercial  I'm sure we've all had the opportunity to see a few infomercials and what I must say some yes do look professional and reasonable, others are rather... I dunno lets just say special.  Like who cuts their bread with wood? Maybe like before Chr
Scheherazade · 900 days ago

Pew pew few few pow pow bang! Cats Nobody is considered a real blogger if they don't have at least one blog about cats. They are cute and fluffy... They purr... But you know what? The Hell Are Cats? No seriously they can go from cute and adorable To
Scheherazade · 909 days ago

I originally had plan to make this blog sooner but due to unforeseen events as you can see it has been delayed. As I am typing this blog I am sitting on the floor acting as a human gate so my parents' new puppy can't escape and pee all over the floor of my
Scheherazade · 915 days ago

Due to my absence all weekend I guess I owe a blog... Since for many, today is the start of a new school year so I'll be writing a more educational blog this time. So here is a small guide to: Anxiety and Helping Someone Cope Recognizing an Attack It's no
Scheherazade · 933 days ago

Welcome to another segment of nobody asked for. I have returned from the dead after jumping down the 40 meters falls as a zombie and now I am after your brains...  What Your Handwriting Says About You Size of Letters and Words Large letters: You want to
Scheherazade · 938 days ago

You know once in a while you just open a page and you are like WTF is this but you can't help but like it anyway so you then start to question your morals and then it escalates to your whole existence in this world until you are left alone in a fetal posit
Scheherazade · 949 days ago

It's been a while since I made one of my Shenanigan blogs due to my busy schedule in torturing people out of my own amusement. What do you call that? I was just reading blogs and I came upon this comment and I just had to show it to everyone. «This is Ki
Scheherazade · 965 days ago
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