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How are yoy all? Long time i see, have been gone forso long but now I am back! Had internet isues. Well lately I ahave been able to watch a few anime series. I was able to finish with Sword art Online which I love I akso caught up with Fairytail Began to w
TheSolista7 · 803 days ago

Well isn't this dissapointing!!!! Since no one of the participants send me their siggys for the contest I guess I wont be posting  a winners blog this month..... Guys I thought yiou wanted to oarticipate. make this site a bit moire alive but I guess one ca
TheSolista7 · 966 days ago

The Siggy contest   Its time for the next siggy contest for the month of July! Here are the rules: 1.The Signature has to be made by yourselfs.  2. The seize has to be 546x160 Not smaler not bigger. 3. You can make the renders of your own or look some up
TheSolista7 · 995 days ago

SORRY FOR THE TARDINES OF THIS BLOG,but I was not able to get on a computer earlier! here are the siggys of the three paarticipants Iamsosweet, Angie and Sheherazade ( stll having trouble with that name lol) As for the contest i think its more then obvious
TheSolista7 · 995 days ago

Today is 30th of June an important day in your life. Another year has past full of days of joy and some sadness aswell. I hope this new year in your life will be full of happiness and entlightment to you. Today is your 22nd birthday and I wish you all the
TheSolista7 · 997 days ago

Ths is just a list of my Vampire fan fic  Evan Mn Allistair  Vampire Hunterso I can get to it faster and see what I have written  if someone want s to read them be my guest: I am still writting on the 14th chapter.... http://dailyramen.com/m/fanfiction/vi
TheSolista7 · 1001 days ago

Hey how are you all I need some of yor help with this I am finally writting again and came upop with this new idea for a fan fic ... i posted the first chapter with is ope to modifications  but I still have no name for it yet  if you like read it and give
TheSolista7 · 1011 days ago

    Sorry I havent been on lately but I am experiencing some Wifi issues and have no computer  Dont know exactly when it will be fixed  thats why I was not able to post the Contest blog  and ask Sheherazade to post it for me  Sorry for the inconviniences t
TheSolista7 · 1015 days ago

We should stop running.... We all have problems in life , some big some little some really bad ones and other truly that are insignificant , but they are there to show us to make us learn, thought our mistakes we learn, life is our biggest teacher we
TheSolista7 · 1038 days ago

Love is a crazy thingit just hits us out of nowhere and you still think its absolutly logical,and you cant do anything about it.You dont think about falling in love, you just do because you just feel it and in that moment it makes complete sence to you Y
TheSolista7 · 1038 days ago
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