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So, holy turd. A lot has been going on, and I have not been on in quite some time. I wont say all of what has been going on, but one thing is that I have been streaming Anime one after the other! It's been pretty exciting. except that my list (no matter ho
gothgirl16 · 1102 days ago


So i have Really Abandoned this site, and bloging. I'm so sorry, but you see...i kind of forgot it existed...I blame Shingeki no Kyojin. That anime and fandom seriously ruined my life for a while there. It's safe to say i got more than a tad bit obsessed.
gothgirl16 · 1261 days ago

Name: Lacy (Cardinal) SpringlerAffiliation: Scouting Legion  age: 17Height: 163 cmHair: redEyes: greenRace: humanRank: 6th Background: Lacy was a circus performer before the breach of wall Marina. she was away getting supply’s when the attack happened. whe
gothgirl16 · 1297 days ago

Whinrey first pierced her ears because she thought they looked good on Hawkeye in return Hawkeye let her hair grow because she thought it looked good on Whinrey  Ed would buy Whinrey jewelry when he would see her for repairs, so she wouldn't kill him. it w
gothgirl16 · 1297 days ago

i think Hinata. during the whole manga (Naruto, and Shippuden) there relationship as grown tremendously  in Naruto during the written exams he didn't notice her, but as time went on, he did. even cheering her on during her fight with Neji, and this ended w
gothgirl16 · 1299 days ago

so there seems to be quite a few people who are able to shift into Titans. Eren of course being one of them, we also know that Female type Titan, Armored titan, and Colossal Titan are also people that are able to shift, but who are they?the Female Type Tit
gothgirl16 · 1312 days ago

i have come to believe that the person who killed the two titans is Annie, why? well...she's going to join the police force...yet she's the one who told Eren that they train to get stronger only to hide, that was weird to me. it was her characters' role to
gothgirl16 · 1332 days ago

how do you know if you're a pairing whore? well here are some of the many signs so that you cant tell! please commentary for your amusement you may be a paring whore if.... you watch an anime you don't like...just for the fandom. "me: fairy tail sucks :IFr
gothgirl16 · 1333 days ago

Poor Levi, poor poor Levi. xD he's suppose to be the badass of the series, coming in with with a spinning top sword move that kills a titan. yet he becomes the butt off the jokes! seriously...wasn't Armin and Potato Girl suppose to be the butt of the jokes
gothgirl16 · 1337 days ago
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