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I was really disappointed of Naruto... after the "SLAP" I was like yes NaruHina is cannon now... I mean a slap is 100 times more cannon than a sissy kiss right... and when he held hand of Hinata and went to biju mode I was like hell yeah... finally... Naru
no1ninja · 1393 days ago

After reading last few chapters i have come to realize that the Kishi sama is a racist...yeah u heard me right he is a racist... He favours Senju clan way over Uchiha... For starters Senju is the main clan of the story... (this might be a lame reason but i
no1ninja · 1453 days ago

"if u want us to straighten thins out... then either kill ur brother or kill urself..." the way the manga ended... very EPIC very EPIC indeed... and u know what i think... i think Hashirama actually does it...He goes on and kills himself... We all know Has
no1ninja · 1465 days ago

Ok... I was really surprised when i heard tht Naruto's voice was done by a girl... but then again Naruto does say "SASUKE...." with more feels thn he does "Sakura chan..".. Gomen for saying this... So i jst let it pass as an one odd incident... then i came
no1ninja · 1485 days ago

U know I am glad that Hashirama sama turned out the way he did... HAshirama was known as the "God of Shinobi" so everyone thought that he was this ultra strong guy who must be dead serious...  well he is very strong... but also.., turns out tht he is very
no1ninja · 1489 days ago

umm... is there any way to skip some pics without rating??? and also it woudl be great it wud g8 if we cud comment while rating...
no1ninja · 1491 days ago

Man u rally got to hand it to the guy.... The guy has been cut, sealed, absorbed punched by tsunade, stabbed.... and every other thin imaginable... but he jst keeps on coming back and back and back... guy truly is imortal... i mean when Sasuke beat Orochim
no1ninja · 1495 days ago

umm... i dont kno if its only me or anyone else also having this problem... but whenever i want to look my "Notifications" i can only see the first page... everytime i do next the browsers returns me to home... So little help here plz
no1ninja · 1495 days ago

ok so whats the big idea.... so one day i am reading these awesome fanfics.... I especially liked "a dark fox" series... and the next day (well technically after 3 days) its gone... the whole fanfic section... i thought i was missing something at first...
no1ninja · 1513 days ago

I have got 2 words to describe this chapter... FUCKING AWESOME... Orochimaru has gone and done it all... He even revived Yondaime... speaking of which.. A part of Minato's soul is in Naruto rite... so does it make sense for him to be revived with Edo tens
no1ninja · 1513 days ago
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