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I was born an Asian, and with it, the expectation of having some obsession with studying and all other related activities. You all know the deal: "Oh, you're Asian! You're smart!", "Idk, but ask the Asian she/he will know," and so on so forth. The thing is
GrreenLily · 1447 days ago

Favorite personality trait: Her belief in female shinobi. Her first goal was to become a medical-nin like Tsunade, but that didn’t work out. She then started developing her own fighting style and hoping she would become a legendary kunoichi one day. Favori
Nitaya · 1478 days ago

**********If you are uncomfortable with the use of profanity,it is advised that- who gives a shit******** Alright, so I'm not sure how many of you guys are in school, but in school you have the option to make friends. Yeah that's right, making friends is a
1297820 · 662 days ago

thinking out loud out of randomness here.. Hatters gonna hate...  So here it is for-yall, What i hate:  1) i hate skinny bitches that say they're fat, but yet they're as skinny as a twig.   2) i hate teenagers that swear because they think they are soo coo
Lyght_X · 1444 days ago

Fourth challenge and I'm already late >_<  Stupid exams. And this was actually a tough one to write... ----- Favorite personality trait: His kindness. Towards Kushina when he rescued her, Naruto when he restored the seal and told him he believed in
Nitaya · 1520 days ago

Since the site was so over run with bots lately Itachi Nguyen made me Mod of the site to help hm out, because he is soo busy right now . So if you see any bots, or bots spamming or any kind of other weird things happening just report them to me so that I c
TheSolista7 · 1410 days ago

Greetings. You know I love this family way too much to forget about it. Great, I know what ya'll are thinking: 'Just what we need...another sentimental introduction...' I'll try to keep it brief, thank you.  I go by the pseudonym Lily here, although anywh
GrreenLily · 1453 days ago

Hi guys.Long Time No See. Well,For all Naruto and NaruHina Fans.The new cover has arrived. Different versions I literally cried.The cover reminded me of Neji's Death.Now everyone in the shinobi alliance has the same will as Neji's. We also saw the Juubi
Hinata1 · 1455 days ago

U know I am glad that Hashirama sama turned out the way he did... HAshirama was known as the "God of Shinobi" so everyone thought that he was this ultra strong guy who must be dead serious...  well he is very strong... but also.., turns out tht he is very
no1ninja · 1492 days ago

Why do I feel like crying?Why do I want to feel the tears fall?This sadness is too heavyI want and need to lose controlIs it true is life just an illusion?Does happiness even exist?Will I be able to be aable to obtain it?To experioence even a tiny bit of i
TheSolista7 · 1521 days ago
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