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Watch anime. Sleep anime. Eat anime... Probably gonna die from eating anime.
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pisces Strength of heart will carry you through the hardest of trials!
I love Terra, Terra-Xehanort (Apprentice Xehanort), Xemnas (Terra's Nobody), Saix (Isa's Nobody), Lea (Axel's Somebody), Young Xeh…
taurus You love to hear the story How it all, how it all, got started, got started
sagittarius Mokey
Hello World, it's me... Akh =P
leo UchihaSasuke17
Hi I am UchihaSasuke17  some of you may remember me from likenaruto.com  i missed you guys i have  make this profile but never bee…
capricorn Welcome!
Creation reflects the heart of the creator.
sagittarius Hello
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sagittarius Anime is life
virgo why so emotional..?
born to be a hero..but maybe a dark one..
cancer it is a short description after all :/
why can't I see my eye with my other eye...?
sagittarius Aint nobody got time for that! ^^
Well my Name Is Jose Rabanales.... I know weird last name -.- But oh well Im a freshman and i like school but not the teachers cx …
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