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Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard
March 2016
March 9, 2016
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This is a reallllly long fanfiction that I've been writing just for the hell of it. I don't even know if anyone will want to read it because it's so long haha but I decided to break it up into parts and post it on here since it's just sitting dormant in my documents! I hope someone enjoys :)
Categories: Long Tale of a Kuinoichi 
1458 days ago · From Amaterasu
1223 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
Yowamushi Pedal fanfic but with a dirt-bike, trick-bike add. **Caution: Kurenai Hayashi is a TOTAL OC. Also Yowamushi Pedal OVA is about road racing NOT dirt-bike/trick-bike
Categories: Competition 
1078 days ago · From Duracell
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This website is dead. It's very empty. Has it always been this empty? No...strangely enough, it hasn't always been this dead. Everyone simply outgrew this website and just abandoned it. Everyone has moved on with their lives. Or...at least, maybe? Perhaps
ikoT · 200 days ago

I just love Kuroshitsuji so i thought it was time to write some fun facts which you may know some of them Have fun reading -In episode 17, when Undertaker is in the pot of salt, Sebastian holds his handkerchief to his nose. This implies demons have an aver
DaisukeProdaction · 426 days ago

I know that there is already a blog talking about cosplay and everything ...that @DaisukeProdaction made  but this is mostly about my experience in cosplay  and well  many other stuff :P Lets begin I live in greece  wow amazing right? XD  and i am cosplayi
The_Avenger_God · 426 days ago
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