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Sorry for my lateness, having a cold is such a bitch and writing a review when my head feels like a melon is no easy task but here it is my beautiful peeps!

The chapter starts with Ichigo standing in the rain in front of his home where he wonders how his body was brought there since Urahara had his body but quickly remembers that the former including Chad & Orihime were still Hueco Mundo so it is safe to assume that Ichigo was kicked out/banished from the Soul Society.

Ashamed for failing to get his Zanpukto fixed, Ichigo flees from his father to Ikumi's, Ichigo's boss. So they have a little argument which looks more like when siblings fight. I actually liked the fact that Tite Kubo brought Ikumi back since we have not seen her since The Lost Substitue Shinigami arc since to me, the whole fullbring arc felt more like fillers than an actual arc.

This chapter to me was pretty much predictable has could be. When we saw Isshin commenting on how Ichigo ran away, I just knew that Isshin would not have let it slid since it was clear to see that Isshin had been waiting for Ichigo. The panel where Ichigo leave's Ikumi's, I don't know if any of you actually noticed this part but she can see the Shinigami badge. We all know that ordinary humans can't see such objects so I see Ikumi getting some powers in the upcoming future.

The talk with Isshin which I had predicted last week was pretty much predictable and yet I was actually glad when it came since there are some pieces of information I still am not certain about this guy. So we learn that Isshin knew everything that has happen to Ichigo and his Zanpukto problem which probably Urahara told him in some way.

So Isshin decides to tell Ichigo what he had wanted to tell him when the right time had come. The fact that it is revealed that Ichigo's mother was a Quincy was something I had my doubts on for a while now. I started thinking that  Masaki was a quincy from when she tried to save Ichigo from Grand Fisher. Why? Think about it, how did Masaki know that the ghost Ichigo saw which we all know was the lure was a trap? I was actually never able to put all the pieces together to actually prove my point until now which I was rather glad. One thing that kinda surprised me is the fact that Ichigo wears his mother's name. I always thought that Kurosaki was his father's last name and not his mother but in the same time, it makes sense since it would have been easier for him to hide under another name and since he was a Shinigami and Masaki a Quincy, the fact that they had children was probably forbidden so I'd say that this could be a reason why Isshin left the Soul Society.

This chapter was good. I like the fact that it brings out answers for questions I've had for a while but in the same time, I also wanted to know what Kenpachi's Zanpukto's name since last chapter, it had not been revealed so thats also something I am looking forward to.

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