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Good news everyone!

I've managed to add a few more options in profile customize. Now you can also change the main menu color, headerbox background color, box background, fixed body background, and much more...

Check my profile to see what have been improved! http://dailyramen.com/ItachiNguyen

Please send me your feedback on what should be added.

Let your creativity go wild!

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  •  phoenix: 
    awesome :) you should add applications like skywish,ask pervy and others again :)
     1466 days ago 
    0 EXP
  •  Scheherazade: 
    Quang I must say that you outdo yourself each time. Superb job. Now there is no reason why people here should complain now ^^. Great Job Quang!!!!
     1495 days ago 
    0 EXP
  •  Rima: 
    look at all those notifications in the bottom of the screenshot.
    Oh!and I think We need a recent visitors thingy.
     1496 days ago·2 replies2 replies 
    3 EXP
  •  Jrabanales1: 
    Thank u so very much ^^ I cant wait till toki sees we improved on something
     1496 days ago 
    3 EXP
  •  TheSolista7: 
    awesome!! I am sure member will really like this ^^
    I know I do!! This is really great :)
     1496 days ago 
    2 EXP
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20.02.2013 (1497 days ago)
Profile Customize Improved