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The chapter starts with the Afro dude, sorry guys I just love saying that. Anyway I was like Tite if you fucking skip again I will be so fucking pissed. Luckily for him that we learned that Kenpachi did take someone else's zanpukto and we all know just how that does not make any sense since we know that a zanpukto is born with it's shinigami and dies with its shinigami. The only thing I can come up with is that Ōetsu Nimaiya actually allowed Kenpachi to keep that zanpukto.

Back to the chapter, so Ōetsu says that he always knew that Ichigo would fail and that he needs to find & know himself so probably afterwards, Ichigo will be able to succeed probably. The next panel we have two shinigami running around searching for their captain to which we see Rangiku wanting a tray and throws it to her captain to which he catches it and Rangiku simply stomping on it crushing her Captain's nose to which we learn is Ichigo's dad but we actually learn his real name.

Isshin Shiba

This explains why Ichigo is often compared to Kaien Shiba since they are actually related. The fact that Isshin is the captain of Squad 10, again a big bulleyes!! Man I love being right. I love how Rangiku seems to be more serious in her younger days. She is actually running around to find her captain just so he can work. Sounds like she picked up her former captain's habits.

So we get a typical moment. Isshin pointing out to Rangiku that her boobs are shiny from sweat to which he gets a beating, something I don't think Rangiku would do today. Honestly in the upcoming panel, we see a young Toshiro Hitsugaya holding the third seat. I honestly thought he was not around when Isshin was captain since I don't remember Toshiro ever comparing Ichigo to anyone so I figured that he had never met him but oh well.

We can all agree that Toshiro's days before being captain was rather special. We have Isshin raising up in the air like he's a toddler. I liked the part that he says that Toshiro would be great for the next captain since we know that he will be and also that at the time, Rangiku wanted to become captain herself.

Toshiro ask if Isshin remembers the report he made two months ago about a shinigami that mysteriously died to which he did remember and that 2 other people died the month before to which he decides to go investigate, leaving the office work to Rangiku & Toshiro and heads off with Rangiku scolding him that he should discuss the whole thing with the head captain since the whole thing is dangerous with Toshiro cutting off that it is exactly the reason why Isshin is going alone since with their power level, they would only be in the way.

I'm starting to like where the next panel is going. We see Gin Ichimaru & Kaname Tosen talking about equiping Hollows with something but it's too virulent and it does not work with normal soul or those of division members to which Aizen replies that they will soon be able to find Shinji Hirako's gang and experiment on Hollowfication, hitting two birds with one stone in the process. I think that this is after the gang was transformed into visored since Gin in this chapter is already a Captain and Tosen probably is also so Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi & Kensei Muguruma have been replaced.

It's safe to assume that the mysterious dead of 3 people Isshin & Toshiro were talking about are connected with Aizen again. Honestly I like the fact that we still see Aizen in the current plot since he was the series main antagonist. Also I predict that even though Aizen has been put into prison, I really doubt it that he will stay in there. I'm sure he will be set free or he will break out and we will have a final battle and he will die. I'm even more positive then before that Aizen is responsible for Isshin leaving the soul society and going into hiding.

This chapter was great in my opinion. I really liked seeing regular characters in their younger days. Rangiku being more serious in her younger days, knowing how laid back she is does a change in pace for once. Toshiro did not change at all, he is still just has serious as before. Can't wait to see next week's chapter.

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