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This week's manga starts with two Shinigami's who were not identified talking about that it is getting cloudy which shows signs of rain. One of the shinigami states that the two previous shinigamis died on a rainy night. 

While they were running, they get suprised by Isshin who tells them that he got lost while searching for a toilet to pee to them telling him that it was the worst lie ever. Isshin goes on telling them to return to the Soul Society if it starts to rain and that he wants to pee alone.

In the upcoming panels was pretty much interesting since we get to see Masaki when she was younger. She seems to have a easy going attitude and seems to like food more than talking with her aunt and if you all have not yet realized, she's actually the mother of Isshida. Anyway Masaki gets scolded when she tells her aunt that her holy training is coming little by little which gets her aunt angry. We learn that Masaki's family are dead and that she's the only heir to the Kurosaki family. Luckily Isshida arrived to calm his mother down and he asks where is his father which his mother tells him that he is at Funfte Field and that she would like to know when he will be back.

Isshida goes off apologizing to Masaki for his mother's outburst of rage which is due to her loneliness for her husband to which Masaki all joyful tells him that she doesn't need to forgive her since there is no reason to anyway and that she's not even angry and changes the subject that she will go to her room and asks him if she could get his portion of shrimps later and runs off.

While Isshida talks to the maid, we learn that Masaki is to be married with Isshida to protect his pure blood quincy. He states that he rather doubts it that Masaki will be happy about the whole thing to which his maid replies that he is so kind and his kindness will surely make Masaki happy. Isshin states that he is not saying this to be kind but someone who is unhappy can not look into a positive future of the Quincy's.

The Manga skips back to Isshin and it started raining. He believes that the reason why the two shinigamis who got killed had something to do with their Reiatsu. That it could be what attracted whatever attacked them so Isshin decides to use his reiatsu but to his suprise the attacker did not react to his reiatsu and we see the attacker. At first I thought it was one of the visored but if you look closely, you can see a hole in its chest so I would say it's an arrancar, most likely an espada.

I personally liked this chapter. More about Masaki's personality as been introduced and we also learned a reason how Isshin & Isshida met. So I can't wait to see the next chapter, how Masaki & Isshin will meet is the thing I want to see next but from what I read, next week there is not going to be a new chapter so that is Tite Kubo's way of trolling us.

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    Just when this was getting good, BAM, no chapter next week! Dammit!
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