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If someone ever doubted my devotion to this site is a scum. Me at the public Library is a real bitch but I was feeling bad for not being able to do this week's review. Anyway, last week we had no chapter and this week's chapter was not too bad.

We picked up from where we left off. Isshin Shiba as come face to face with an hollow but his hole on his chest is full and he also states that the hollow does not fight like an hollow but that of a soul reaper and that its strength is so great that it would have been impossible for such a thing to have gone undetected by the Soul Society and there for, someone must be masking it. If you have not figured who that would be well restart reading the manga cause you've missed a chunk.

Back to what I mentioned a few weeks ago that Aizen was probably responsible for Isshin leaving the Soul Society is becoming more evident at the end of the chapter when we see three figures and one of them slashed Isshin.

What I liked about this chapter is when Masaki tells her resolve to bitch face (I'm sorry I could not help myself just there XD) but anyway, unlike the so called pure blooded Quincy, she infact cares for the safety of others and feels that something is wrong with the reiatsu she felt coming from the black Hollow and Isshin. Even though she knows it's dangerous, she feels like she must do something, prompting Ryuken to tell his maid to get the Reishi armor so finally we will see him fight along side Masaki.

I honestly would have loved to see more fighting between Isshin & the black hollow but oh well. 

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