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in Dream Drop Distance, they never show their faces in the thrown room in the Castle That Never Was, but here's my other members that was so interested to me and I hope for they have been confirmed to Kingdom Hearts 3!

1. Terra-Xehanort, (Master Xehanort explains that he has another guardian of light inside him, but Terra becomes one of the seekers of darkness for Master Xehanort's plan).

2. 'Apprentice' Xehanort, (a perfect vessel for him can wield a keyblade, also he can fight along side with Xigbar, with the power of darkness).

3. Vanitas, (his return would be possible for him to come back as a new vessel with power of darkness with revenge, he can fight along side with Master Xehanort).

4. Riku-Replica, (same ability as Riku and he can wield a Soul Eater keyblade, he'll fight along side with Ansem).

5. Demyx (Demyx will have Master Xehanort's heart and turned him into a new vessel with the power of darkness).

6. Luxord (like Young Xehanort, he has a power of time, and he will have Master Xehanort's heart, I think he would be serve with Young Xehanort through time travel together and have the power of darkness).

7. Sora's Heartless, (like Ansem, his intelligence and livelihood with power of darkness and it can wield a keyblade and became the last member of Organization XIII)!

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    so what do you guys think about idea?
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Other hooded figures in Organization XIII