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Sweat was running down her forehead. She was breathing hard into her mask looking at the adversary that was attacking her with its sword while she was counterattacking taking one step back and two forward and then two back and one forward. It had been going on for a while now, but she knew she could not lose not against her anyway. She look at her sparring partner with her big emerald eyes  focused on every movement her enemy was making to see if she had the chance to make the winning point. They kept dancing for a while jumping back and forth when suddenly she saw an opening in her opponents defense and she used it to score the last match point.


She took of her mask and her pink her came into view. Sakura looked at the other end of the field and saw the grim face of Karin appear behind her mask when she pulled of her mask. She was sure Karin would find a way to make her pay for this humiliation but for now she did not care. She was celebrating her victory. At last all her hard work had paid off. Sai was a really good teacher and fence partner that’s to him she had improved a lot. She knew she had to pay him somehow. He really was a good friend.


Also her victory was not complete. She felt a pain like if someone had hit her with a stone on her head when she saw Karin hugging her boyfriend Sasuke. It still hurt her to see them together. Yeah she had lost her chance or at least she told herself that when she said she was not interested in dating him but in reality she had been crazy about him but too shy to even say a word to him even less go o a date with him. So Karin got hold of him and she had to see how she got to be his girlfriend and not her.


But that was not enough to increase her suffering her mother fell in love with a guy she met at work and it was no other then Karin’s dad and they were about to move in together when that happened her live would become a living hell. She had been looking for a way to escape her predicament but she had not found a way to stop that from happening.  So she began fencing and was astound that she was actually good at it and there she met Sai how became her training partner and showed her  some awesome movements he was a year older then she was and had been fencing almost all of his life.  And she knew that he secretly had feelings for her, but who could blame him after all she was really pretty. But that did not matter much to her because she was crazy about Sasuke, even if she did not wanted to accept it , it was the truth and Sai knew  that all he could be was a good friend.


Before parting and going home she  had taken Sai  and had thanked him by hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek – thank you Sai for helping me  and showing how to win against Karin. She was so angry she could not believe that I had beaten her. Maybe we will see us later, I am guessing that you will come to the party tonight?

Sai looked a bit uncomfortable he was no fans of gatherings and parties but she knew he would say yes she knew he would do anything for her and affirmatively he nodded – Yeah sure I will see you there! Then he turned around and walked away. She was sorry for making him do that but she needed someone there if  Sasuke was going to be there and where Sasuke was Karin was surely to bet here too.


Later that night she was sitting with a very eye-catching outfit  beside  an constantly blushing Sai. Naruto and Hinata were sitting in front of them . they were good friends she always could count on them. Also Naruto was sometimes insufferable and  got in much trouble because of it but he would do anything for his friends. And Hinata would do the same . ever since kinder garden she had been in love with Naruto  because he had helped her out once  defending her  also he got beat up pretty bad afterwards.


She breathed in  suddenly as she looked to the  other side of the room and she saw Sasuke standing there alone she was about to stand up and go talk to him as a hand appeared on his shoulder and Karin came into view, looking triumphant into her direction. So she had seen her intention and was now enjoying the look on face .Sasuke came out like of a trance and turned to Sai : - hey would you like to dance?

Sai looked at her if she had gotten mad. – You know I am not a good dancer, Sakura.

But as he saw into her unyielding emerald eyes he could not withstand her plea and stood up and took her hand.:- Yeah sure why not  a little public humiliation is good for the soul. Sakura looked at him: - You are not going to humiliate yourself  just think like if this was a fencing match and  go with the flow, I will help you!.

They went to the dance floor and began to move slowly to the music making small circles on the dance floor. Sakura peaked through her pink hair and saw Sasuke looking at her while he was dancing with Karin. He had a thoughtful look on his face but then he turned away again when he saw that she had been looking at him. She was kind of disappointed but she felt a little satisfaction because he had noticed her.  But what she saw next wanted her to leave the dance floor for good.  Karin knew she was watching and used a moment of distraction of Sasuke and kissed him. All interior of Sakura went cold and she stopped dancing making Sai trip and look at her surprised as saw tears on her cheeks. Then she just left him there and got out of the building leaving everyone behind. She knew she was overreacting but she could not stay there. Karin had won after all.


She turned around when she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards her on the way. It was Sai he looked relieved to have found her . – Hey, why did you leave like that, don’t you know it is dangerous at this time of night to go out here by yourself? I am glad that nothing happened to you.

Sakura was kind of annoyed about Sai being so overprotective of her, so her answer was a bit harsh. – Why do you care anyway?  I just needed to get some fresh air.

She knew she could not fool him, she saw it in his expression.- You left because of Karin didn’t  you? I am wondering how you are going to do once her and her dad move into your house…

Sakura looked at him and sighed. – I have no idea but when that day comes my live will be over, I can’t stand her.

Sai was passing around with thoughtful demeanor. – I think what you can’t stand is the fact that she has Sasuke’s love and you don’t.

He had hit her throbbing wound. She walked to him and gave him a punch in the face with all her strength. He had not expected that and went to the floor. - What the hell do you know about it anyway Sasuke has nothing to do with it.  She spit at him and left him there sitting on the ground and walked away.


On the next day she tried to avoided Sai as much as possible, since she felt terrible for having lost her temper like that but in her subconscious  she felt that he deserved that punch to his face.  He always had the ability to make her mad and just because he always told the truth as he saw it  he was one of those rare person that always told the truth and never lied in their life’s, he was not capable of lying .

But eventually she got to see him when she entered the classroom. He was sitting in the back of the room almost invisible but completely noticeable from the very first moment you entered the classroom. His cheek white cheek was tinted violet from the hit she gave him yesterday and she felt sorry about that right away. It had not been her intention to punch him, and now she would have to apologize to him.


She breathed in and walked till she got in front of his desk. – Hey Sai?

He made like he had not heard her and continued with what he was doing. – Hey Sai! Sakura had to speak up til he finally made the attempt to look at her. Hnm?? What do you want Sakura?

Sakura was shocked by his ice tone of voice he used to answer her. - Hn, N-n-no-o-othing!

-           Well if you have nothing to say to me would you please go you are darkening my desk and I need the light.

Now Sakura saw that he had been drawing. It seemed to be a picture of a fencing match.-Oh that’s going to be an awesome picture!

Sai stopped drawing and looked at her, his eyes  looked his eyes cold as stone and his demeanor was all others then inviting.- Anything else you wanted from me if no then please leave , I want to continue drawing!

He looked away took his pencil and continued drawing. Sakura was shocked  by his attitude towards her so before she left she managed to stumble a silent and shaken – I am sorry!, and walked away quickly.

Now she had done it she had lost the friendship of the only guy that had helped her other than Naruto . She felt pretty bad about it because he was the only one that had been by her side since Sasuke became Karin’s boyfriend . 

Later she went to fence practice just to find out that Sai had told the teacher that he was feeling undisposed and went home. She excused herself from practice and was on her way home. Why did this affect her like this .He was her friend nothing more so why was she feeling so sad? She was walking through the town and entered the coffee shop and bought a coffee and a piece of cake and sat down in a table in a hidden corner.

While she was sitting and drinking her coffee the door opened and she saw Ino entering she was about to call here when she saw that Sai entered the shop behind her following Ino to a table. Sakura could not believe what she was seeing. Sai was talking with Ino and she was laughing at him. All what Sakura wanted to do was to to go their table and make a scene. But she did not do any of that, she just drank the rest of her coffee fast paid the bill and went out of the establishment without them noticing her. Before she left he heard them laugh and she saw Ino rech for Sais hand that was on the table it was more then she can take and she left as fast as she could.

She was running down the street crying, she did not know why this did affect her this much. Sakura sat down on a bench when she could not  run further and cried . Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder - Hey Sakura are you alright?

She looked up and saw Hinata standing in front of her.- Oh Hinata, yeah  it’s just……

-Oh come on Sakura I saw you were crying so tell me what’s wrong. She sat down beside her and waited for Sakura to explain herself.

-Well I am just sad because of Sai, I think I hurt him and he is not talking to me anymore and I just saw him in the café with Ino. I never thought it would affect me this much, but it does.

Hinata looked surprised at Sakura. - And I thought you were crying because of Sasuke, Oh my, so you like Sai , now?

Sakura looked up startled. - What?? No, I mean I like him, he is my best friend after all. He has always been there for me, he…….

Hinata laughed softly- Hnmm Sakura, you are in love with Sai, if he was just your friend you would  not be so angry and jealous of Ino, and by the way I heard he asked her , back in college, to go with him to the café to talk he said to her that  he needed some sort of advice, I am sure he was talking about you! I know he likes you.  We all know that he has always been there for you and helped you out . I know he loves you but he is too shy to say anything!!

Sakura was amazed how she had been able to miss that and all because her mind had been fixed on Sasuke, while she had a firnd that seems to be crazy about her right under her nose. – Oh my god Hinata, I can’t believe I had been that blind. So Sai does care about me. But now I have to apologize to him and I don’t know how.

Hinata smiled at her with joy I am glad you seemed to be over Sasuke  and sure I will help you. I have an idea, why don’t you challenge him to a fencing match?

Sakura looked at Hinata as if she had gone mad. – A fencing match? But I always win against him. Oh no, don’t tell me that he always let me win because he likes me? Hnmm, you know I think it’s not a bad idea, I think I will go and ask him to fight with me .he can’t run from me. I am Sakura Haruno and I always get what I want.

Hinata bit her under lip while she was watching Sakura stand up – You know if you want to ask him he is at the gym right now I think. Sakura made up her mind  -You know what I am going to go to the gym and tell him to fight me. I hope he will forgive me. See ya later , have to run, thanks Hinata  say  hi to Naruto for me.

Sakura ran down the street leaving Hinata behind. She had to get to the gym , and talk to Sai, she was going to apologize she just hope he would forgive her. She would not give up till he accepted her apology. After all she knew he was not going to be able to resist her pleading.

She saw him right after entering the gym .he was in the back left corner checking his sword to practice .she took a sword from the cabinet and a mask and went to meet him.

He was with his back to her so he did not see her coming, until he turned around and saw a sword directed at him he reacted instinctively and crosses swords with that person in front of him. He did not know who it was but he invited her to spar and that’s exactly what she wanted. They engaged in a fierce fight jumping forward and backward, parrying each other’s blows. It was like they were dancing , also it was a dangerous dance.

Sakura was having fun, she had sparred with Sai before but never like this. He was not giving her any chance of landing a blow to get a point. She was beginning to pant with exhaustion, but she was not going to quit. She noticed that Sai was getting slower too, ut he was much more skilled then her and finally landed the final blow ,after a series of difficult and fast series of movements, and her sword fell from her hand with a loud thud to the floor and he was pointing at her with his fencing sword. She stepped back and bowed her head in sign of defeat, and then she crouched down to get her sword up. It had been that first time he had defeated her. She looked up to Sai who was standing in front of her. – Nice match Sai! You won fair and square.

When Sai heard her voice he staggered back in surprise. – S-Sakura?

She took of her mask and smiled sweat was running down her forehead. She was really tired of the fight they just had, but she reacted with high speed when she saw that Sai was turning around and was about to leave. She took hold of his arm and made him stop. –wait Sai , please stop! Would you please hear me out? I beg you please stop and listen to me.

He stopped and looked back at her waiting for an explanation on her part. – What is is that you want to say to me?

Sakura bit her under lip and looked away. – I just wanted to say that I have been a fool. I am so sorry for everything Sai. I should have realized what you felt for me. If you don’t want to have anything to do with me just tell me. I amstrong and I can take it. I just wanted to apologize to you . you know I think I better go now.  

And she let go of Sai’s hand ran out of the gym even before hearing Sai’s answer.


The next day she was walking to college when she saw Sasuke walking on the other side with Karin.  They were laughing and holding hands. Just what she needed to feel worse then she already was feeling. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. – Hey Sakura! She turned around and there was satnding Sai with his sad smile on his face.- Don’t mind them Sakura, he made his choice, and you should respect that.

-Sai!! She was so happy to see him. – I did not expect to see you here! Imean…. I…ah…!

Sai let out a small laugh and moved his head. – you know Sakura I wanted to give you something. I had been working on it for some time now but I finished it last night after out little talk in the gym.

He took out a flat and small wrapped package and handed it over to Sakura, who took hold of it.

-           Thanks Sai! She  opened it slowly and she saw the picture he had been drawing yesterday before class. It showed a girl in an attack position while fencing. And that girl was her.  She was overwhelmed by the beauty and details of the drawing ,that for a moment all she could do was to stare at the picture. Which made Sai feel uneasy. – If you don’t like it I can make you a new one.

Sakura looked up with surprise at Sai and with one movement she hugged him fast – what are you talking about? Sai it’s absolutely beautiful. I love it!

Then she realized she was hugging him and reliesed him blushing deeply. – Hnmm, I think we should keep going or we are going to be late. And Professor Kakashi does not like when we are late even if he almost always is!

She laughed at Sai who still was looking at her without moving – Sai come on, let’s go! She reached out a hand to him and took his hand with hers and made him move. They continued their way to college laughing and talking.

Sakura knew she still had some issues to solve like the one were Karin soon was going to move in with her , but she knew she was not going to be alone anymore. As long Sai was at her side supporting her she knew she would be able to face anything that got in her way.  After all she was Sakura Haruno and she always gets what she wants even if she didn’t realize that she wanted it.

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