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In Kingdom Hearts 2 (Final Mix), before the battle of 1000 Heartless, Xemnas came to Ansem the Wise's computer room to changed his password in the computer, where he opens a path to the Chamber of Repose.

He's walk and enters a deep chamber, the chamber is located below the Heartless Manufacture in Hollow Bastion, (it's true name was Radiant Garden), where he visits Aqua's armor and briefly speaks to it, "It has been far too long, friend."

he had to be appeared to showing his value of friendship, as he was shown to converse with Aqua's armor in the Chamber of Repose, although, this is very unlikely due to the influence of Terra's, as he is that makes sense, in a real sense, he's Terra's 'real' Nobody.

It is very hard to say that how much that he is inherited from Terra's, but there's at least the familiarity with Aqua's armor, which he refers to it as "friend", and his other strong desires is to find his other "friend" in Castle Oblivion in the Chamber of Waking.

However, exactly what if he would have done it in that time for the reunion for Xemnas and his lost "friends", If Xemnas, Ventus and Aqua's reunion is not that really clearly ready for them.

In 358/2 days, Another example was, when Roxas passed out into a comatose state, for 3 weeks, since he's join Organization XIII for six days, Xemnas saying something to Roxas during his comatose state: "So, sleep has taken you again."

Since Xemnas was born from Terra's body and soul, his appearances is look identical to Terra, albeit-being older, taller and stronger having darker skin and long brown hair, but his eye color is Sapphire-blue, Xemnas' face is look Identical like Terra's.

It also says Xemnas shares some of his traits with Terra, his hair, his face, including its layered, messy-looking hair and the spike on the top of his head, even his.

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    I knew it, Xemnas is always have some "friendship" feelings for his own "lost friends" he's looking for!
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Secrets revealed: Xemnas is Terra's Nobody!