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I miss the old me the innocent little girl inside of me. She used to be excited about the little things in life, but I lost her. Deep inside this hole torn in my black heart lays a little girl, crying, and suffocating inside. Although I want to let her out, I must not for if I do I'll get hurt too. Thinking about her in my past there is nothing to remember. The memories deep inside have been blocked out by the black armor. What am I trying to protect? The little girl or my selfish needs to please those whom I call friends. No friends come and go, friends don't have your back. Friends don't hurt you, and run away from you when you are no use to them. Sometimes I wish my friends would treat me as a friend. Maybe I'm too nice maybe I shouldn't have friends at all. Maybe putting this black armor on will protect me from their judgements and the piercing eyes.Who am I anymore. I'm not as sweet and pure hearted, I'm not that innocent little girl anymore, I've grown up to be a monster? Or was I just always oneā€¦

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i love u <3
18.02.2016 (404 days ago)
The little girl