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In This group you'll get famous quotes from Different Anime..... Feel Free join and post :) Enjoy!!!!
25 fans
1524 days ago · From dbz-divik
Join and capture the tailed beast!  Feel free to apply (Recommended: Wear an Akatsuki cloak)
22 fans
Amegakure, United States
1529 days ago · From TenseiUchiha
 Feel free to join!!! ^-^   Lets defeat the Akatsuki and protect Naruto and of course get our comrade sasuke back!
24 fans
United States
1529 days ago · From Jrabanales1
Feel free to join the Uchiha! Currently looking for clan members  (Suggestions: Be an Uchiha)  Everyone  is welcome!  Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!
21 fans
Konohagakure, United States
1529 days ago · From TenseiUchiha
BLEACH, ALL ABOUT BLEACH. YES WE EVEN WASH OUR CLOTHS WITH IT. IT MAKES THEM EPIC. p.s each month a new banner impress me with your work and you may have your work as next month's banner ;)
10 fans
1523 days ago · From Scheherazade
The Godly Uchiha
7 fans
United States
1485 days ago · From Itachi__Uchiha
Every Yu-Gi-Oh! fans from all over the world who can Duel with every one else in the Duel tournament in all over the world!
5 fans
San Diego, United States
1415 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
Join if you simply love this voluptuous volcanic mizukage! =P
14 fans
Kirigakure no City, Algeria
1530 days ago · From xyzakh
For all those fans of Fairy Tail who reads the manga and watch the anime for story or humor or even for fanservice XD Anyone is welcome! invite your friends! :D ANNOUNCEMENT: NEWEST CHAPTER IS OUT! READ IT HERE http://dailyramen.com/manga/fairy-tail/322/
13 fans
Magnolia, Philippines
1529 days ago · From Lorrwyn
Because boy love is joy love                                                                                                  "Liara87" a place for all those Yaoi fans to gather,share your sweet Yaoi collection with us...Support your fave pairing...And become a Seme or Uke  semeuke.com Also if you'…
11 fans
Yaoi plaza, Korea, North
1524 days ago · From Rima
Itachi fans welcome!
7 fans
San Diego, United States
1430 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
everyone loves Inuyasha!
10 fans
San Diego, United States
1417 days ago · From Itachi_Uchiwa
This is a group for anyone that is a fan of one of the best anime of all time....Sword Art Online (or SAO for short) Join if you are a fan of this anime or willing to become a fan.
11 fans
United States
1529 days ago · From Iamsosweet
The fan club for the man called ''The God of Shinobi'', the Thrid Hokage.
6 fans
United States
1511 days ago · From Itachi__Uchiha
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