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Roleplay on forums! One-liners, paragraphs, whatever genre or form is welcomed (just don't mix them)! If you don't know how to roleplay, you can learn here. 

What is Roleplay?

Roleplay is when two or more people play a character and create a story by interacting the two characters. The story can be of any subject or topic, you can own/play more than one character if you can handle that.
In this group you are not required to post profiles of your characters, but if you'd like don't hesitate. We can also add music and pictures, so if you'd like to add a song as a "theme song" of your character or picture etc. go right ahead! (I've enabled file uploads for fans of this group)

This group does not need confirmation to join (at the moment) if we have issues we may consider adding the option -- but I'd like to make the group as easy as it can be to join. So have fun!!!

Person x: Kaytie: "Hi" *waves*
Person y: Mark: "How's it going?" *walks up to Kaytie*
(One-liner example)


Person x: Kaytie had seen the boy around for a while. She didn't know his name or his grade or age, but somehow she was interested in him. It wasn't because he was good-looking either. Kaytie didn't really understand how to describe him every time she saw him in the hallways -- it was something like an 'aura' around him that had a slightly different atmosphere. Today, he saw him in the library. She had stared at him like she usually did, when the boy looked up. "Hi..." she waved awkwardly.

Person y: Mark had studied for finals enough. His brain was almost dead from forcing to read and calculate advanced material from another planet. Earth wasn't his home, and sighing the book shut, he looked up to glance around the room when his eyes met with a girl. In panick, he wondered if his cloaking-spell had been removed but finding he was still undiscovered, he faked a smile and walked up to Kaytie. "What's up?"
(Paragraph example)

Thanks, if you have questions or comments or anything --or just want to talk to me, comment here, or mail or chat me (mail is preferred). Also-- have facebook, twitter, chatango, and email.

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