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This is a place where people can come together and claim there titles as Champions all are invited  who ever wishes to participate this is only for fun for anime lovers and people who love Tournaments like from Yuyu Hakusho Dragon BallZ etc.

Okay the rules of the tournament are simple #1 each person participating in the tournament must have one partner so choose wisely#2 All arena's are different for the tournament the final arena is selected by the finalists #3 all participants can have one weapon of choice any one with more than one weapon is automatically is disqualified #4 participants are allowed to fight in and out of the arena first two to fall the other two participants win #5 Transformations are allowed but are limited #6 are allowed to have a substitute if your team mate gets critically injured #7 no cheating always a fair fight anyone caught cheating is disqualified#8 once one team member is down the count begins for your team member eliminating them#9 no fights to the death only a fair fight as I said no death anyone caught trying to kill the other team it is automatic disqualification #10 teams who are up to fight are selected by our advisers which are my sister Abby T Young my daughter which is Autumn S. Young my Niece which is Sabrina Maria Strong my best friend Rin Tohsaka my other friend Yukina Jaganshi and Hinata-Hyuga San #11 winner gets one wish Granted by my adopted sis 2nd in Charge of this whole tournament and the 1st announcer as well also  runner up gets a special prize TBA #12 be fair and treat other participants as equals #13 have fun and enjoy yourselves #14 anyone who does not follow any of these rules will have to deal with me or the advisers in this tournament #15 Tournament will be held Yearly this tournament is for all people to enjoy even people who are spirit foxes like myself and my family  that is how this tournament got its name besides people who are anime lovers and love anime's with tournaments in them and when the tournament comes to a close I will allow all who are apart of this group to plan for the next tournament to keep the group active so enjoy yourselves and welcome to this wonderful group / Tournament thank you for your wonderful support

                                                                                                                                                                                     Find me on Zincview to okay to be apart of the tournament as well :)

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