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I salute this.

I'm so damn into fangirling today since my Handsome man just joined the battle...and left it.Nagato-chan always leaves early.enough nagging here i go: A giraffe kick can decapitate a lion(bluff desu) Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian,and had only one testicle
501 days ago
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Just in case a few people actually care - welcome to my 6th edition of my I'm Bored blog series! Due to the emptiness of life between the hours of my day, I bring to you a blog of bores! Now the word bored sounds weird so for the rest of this blog I'm goin
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I kinda like Shimaru Nara
574 days ago
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damn some of these comments are from like 900 days ago or something lol!

Nice pic btw
sasuke poster
sasuke poster
594 days ago
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OOoh I remember this version of the song, wasn't there a remake of this song or soemthing? Can't remember, but I definitely remember this one.

There is not Many things to say  the song itself is a record YOU SPIN ME ROUND Yeah I, I got to know your nameWell and I, could trace your private number babyAll I know is that to meYou look like you're lots of funOpen up your lovin' armsI want someWell I.
594 days ago
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I usually make my own costumes, the ones online are expensive anyway lol
ANd OMG I hate cosplay critics!It seems like they usually just like the girls who have "sexy" bodies and costumes and feels like they despise a lot of the self-made cosplays.
I also think it's hilarious when people say they make their own costumes but you can easily search it up on google and see the same exact costume lol

eh eh eh see there the mate?  cause ya all are my mates  anyway back to business while everyone is like omoo i love cosplayers they are so good at cosply and so nice and blah blah blah why don't we talk about the real cosplay? that darkest place of it if y
594 days ago
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Hello there! I'm the opposite. I'm.......old here? lol. I post frequent blog posts and polls and visit the shoutbox when I can. I appreciate your willingness to lighten the spirit here and make this website incredible. I am interested as of what you have in mind to bring back the spirit. Message me if you will. As of theme codes, it is very different here. You don't need CSS coding, it's a totally different editing style. Search up Schehezenerade (http://dailyramen.com/Scheherazade) and look through her blogs. I think she has Blog Tutorials on how to do the themes and such.

Heyo guys! I'm new here- I mean I was in Likenaruto but..you get my point, right? xD It's really quite here, If I could get volunteers to bring back the spirit :/ If interested, comment down and I'll message you the details. And lastly, does anyone have th
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Oh yeah, good point!
No, I think it was right for Obito to reclaim his eyes. - 23.5%
Yes, Kakashi could've had more power as 6th Hokage! - 35.3%
He should've at least let Kakashi keep one Sharingan. - 35.3%
No (Other Reason, Explain) - 0%
Yes (Other reason, Explain) - 5.9%
653 days ago