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Kuroshitsuji Fun Facts

I just love Kuroshitsuji so i thought it was time to write some fun facts which you may know some of them Have fun reading

-In episode 17, when Undertaker is in the pot of salt, Sebastian holds his handkerchief to his nose. This implies demons have an aversion to salt, whether it be rock salt or just salt in general. This wouldn't be such an outrageous statement, seeing as some other shows, movies, and books (ex. Supernatural) say that salt is good for keeping demons at bay by sprinkling a trail in front of doors or windows to keep them out of a house

-Sebastian is based off of a French inquisitor (noble, officer running a certain part of an area). How? "Sebastien" lived in 16th century France, and was most famous for his books on demon possession and classification. His books are still somewhat used today.

-In the most recent manga arc as well as other times within the manga, Sebastian is seen wearing rosary beads along with his teacher outfit. Whether this be of arrogance or not, this shows that Sebastian is not affected by many "holy" things (ex. Rosaries, holy water, etc) *back in2012*.

-The voice actors of Ciel and Sebastian, as well as the author/illustrator of the manga, agree that the two love each other and need to get together. The manga was even supposed to be hardcore yaoi between Sebastian and Ciel, but the writer needed to change it because the company thought it would sell better if it just told of hints and bits of their relationship. Also, at a con, Sebastian's voice actor J. Michael Tatum proposed to Ciel's voice actor Brina Palencia, to which Brina said, "Will you still be my butler?" And Michael replied "One hell of a butler, naturally." Brina said yes.

-Yana Toboso (writer and illustrator of the manga), though she can't actually make Ciel and Sebastian have a romance in the manga, illustrates her own dōjinshis (fan made comics sold to the public, most of them porn based) for them and sells them

-Yana Toboso also made a shounen-ai (boyxboy fluff) manga called Rust Blaster about vampires and doomsday. Her art has improved since then.

-In the manga, the Phantomhive estate welcomes Finny when he's bald. In the anime, Sebastian takes Finny in when he has hair.

-Though the manga has many BL and Het references, it also has GL. This is shown whenever May Rin and Nina Hopkins meet, May Rin is pulled into a hug, chased around, and pretty much violated by Nina, who keeps squeezing her breasts insisting for May Rin to show her legs.

-In the first episode, May Rin's eyes were blue. Her eyes are actually red.

-Sebastian's and Ciel's voice actors also have important parts in Hetalia. Sebastian is France. Ciel is Chibitalia (young Italy).

-Ciel's "twin" Taki played a role in a hardcore yaoi anime called Maiden Rose.

-The victims of the Jack the Ripper case were all real victims of the same case that happened in actuality.

-Sebastien, the French inquisitor, once had a deal with a Church in England, where several of the nuns were possessed by demons and needed to exorcise them. The case ended up with St. Gaufridy (who worked at the church) being arrested because he has the demon's mark. A total of 6,660 demons were thought to be possessing the nuns and wouldn't go away until Gaufridy was killed.

-Though the Phantomhive logo on Ciel's ring used for sealing wax is constant throughout the manga, it holds no information as to what kind of noble he is or what the first letter of his family name is because of its very simple design.

-Tanaka is the only one treated with regard from Sebastian. It could be because Tanaka was there before Sebastian and the butler has an uncanny respect for elders, even before he had schooling from Ciel.

-In Ciel in Wonderland part 2, when Ciel turns into his adult self, he doesn't have his eyepatch. What does this mean? It could well mean that Ciel doesn't have a future self being contracted into a demon, since demons live forever, so Ciel will never age and never turn into an adult. His future self is non existent, so that is why it can't possibly be contracted to a demon, so he doesn't have the mark on his eye.

-"Tetragrammaton", as spelled out in the mark between Ciel and Sebastian, means literally in a Latin sense "made of four letters." These letters are YHWH or JHVH, meaning "Yahweh" or "Jehovah", both names for God. "Jehovah", however, is the forbidden name spoken by Lilith in the garden of Eden. Yahweh simply means "I am who I am."

-In both the anime and early parts of the manga, when Sebastian and Ciel made their contract, it is shown that Ciel was sacrificed by the blade on an altar and that is when Sebastian came and brought him back to life. However, in the later manga when Yana Toboso goes into detail about making the contract, Ciel is still in his cage, still alive when Sebastian comes. (those are facts from back in 2012  )

-In the anime when Sebastian refuses to abide by Ciel's orders and Ciel is left alone to find his way back to his mansion, the cat that he finds in the alley has black fur and red eyes. Coincidence? This gives me the impression that demons can shapeshift into whatever they want, as if Sebastian went to check on Ciel.

-In the manga, Arthur the Wordsmith is the only human to know that Sebastian is a demon besides Ciel and live.

-In a certain sub of the anime, in episode 17, the nun says that the choir boys have such perfect voices singing from the priest's bedchamber. If this doesn't imply rape, I don't know what does.

-Lau and Ran Mao are not actually related at all. In most of Asia, calling someone your brother or sister is a term of endearment, just like two guys who are best friends would call each other bro. (who doesn't know that?)

-Ciel's voice actress also voices his mother, Rachel Phantomhive.

-I don't know how to phrase this another way but... Crows eat spiders. So Claude's death was inevitable the moment you knew he was a spider demon.

-From season 1 to season 2, Ciel's eye color changes. This is because he died and was then brought back to life.

-Though Ciel says he can't smile or laugh, he smiled/laughed in general AT LEAST 10 times throughout the anime alone.

-There is no explored reason as to why Alois knows Ciel in detail. All we know is that he actually wants to eradicate Ciel because Claude wants him.

-"Leviathan" is the envy name for Satan according to Binsfeld's classification of demons where Satan had a different name for each of the 7 deadly sins.

-In the manga, Baron Kelvin/Gelwin said that he always wanted to be face to face with the earl on the day Ciel met Sebastian and was able to replicate the sacrificial ground perfectly. However, the baron was never there to see the sacrifice take place. So it would be impossible for him to replicate it, even if he saw a picture of it in a newspaper article, because it would be hard to see everything, even the array on the floor under the altar.

this isn't really a fun fact but Yana Toboso  after book of murders she made a small side story called  Book of murder's side story .. in that book she drawed  Ciel's professor having a problem writing his story and when he fall asleep his mind run from story to story having the kuroshitsuji cast as the main characters  until the last story which was The Ice King   in that one he saw Sebastian as the ice king and ciel as  the kid he kidnapped until the end when sebastian turned back to his butler form and told the Professor " Professor you should have no time to be writing this tale. The tale that you should be writing is about   a Cynical and smart  and an addicting dilettante the adventure of a protagonist who is  an able detective. Please hurry up and finish writing it Professor. The young master is waiting in anticipation at this rate you won't be able to meet the deadline      " and then the manga ends with the Professor writing a story about sherlock
Many fans are thinking that sebastian made this whole dream world in the Professors mind to provide him on writing a story that  Ciel would like

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